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16 September, 2018

Why it’s crucial to have a good web design for content marketing?


Whenever you visit a website, what first attracts is the design and its layout. Then comes the content and finally the services. These two concepts Design and Content go hand in hand.

Content Marketing is a form of marketing that involves the process of creating high quality, valuable content to attract, inform, and engage an audience, while also promoting your brand. Web design involves a careful and well thought out plan that engages users and incorporates certain elements like color, graphic, images, etc. to attract visitors read your content. For example, Lakme’s blog presents on this page provide a deep knowledge of makeup in the form of videos and tutorials. This is a more attractive way to turn descent readers towards the brand. So, let’s talk about this in brief and understand why it’s crucial to have a good web design for content marketing.

  1. Visuals are adapted faster by the brain- Your website design is the first impression to your customer. An attractive and simple web design tends to be more effective in catching people’s attention because our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it does text. Hence, a clean design and well-defined page structure are most important to give a professional look and win the trust of readers.

  2. It makes reading interesting- Apart from visuals and color scheme, a carefully-chosen set of fonts can do a lot to keep visitors engaged and digesting information. A font that is easy on the eye gives texts better readability. It’s also important that you balance the images, colors and text on your site’s pages to avoid overwhelming your readers.

  3. Illustrations- Mere reading can be a bit dull. Adding videos, charts, tutorials, animations in your content marketing helps the visitors to memorize your content. The more the people talk about your brand, the more likely it is for you to attract curious clients.

  4. Well designed content is highly shareable- Posting content that is not just well written but also creative is an efficient way to spread the word about your brand. For example, articles containing images, graph, videos make content more shareable which is a good means to reach out to our target audience.

  5. It bolsters your branding-  Content drives people to your website and design to enhance that content. Whether you’re explaining benefits, necessity or disadvantage, your website needs to sport a layout and colors that will give off the feeling you want to share with your readers. In simple words, it’s important that you take into account the kind of look your audience would want while keeping your brand message clear at the time.

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I hope now you have understood the true importance of design over your audience. So, keep in mind the points just discussed and enjoy your idea in the digital world.

importance of design over your audience, it is crucial to have a good web design for content marketing.
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