Common SEO mistakes that should be avoided

Common SEO mistakes that should be avoided

common seo mistakes

Knowledge of SEO is essential to significantly raising your traffic and brand recognition.

Everyone is in rush of getting their website/blog on the first page of search engines, this rush can lead to SEO mistakes and all your efforts end up with an unwanted result. Foremost important part is, we should know about the SEO techniques, which techniques to follow and which to withdraw.

In this article, we will be discussing the most common SEO mistakes that are made by people.

Choosing the wrong keywords
All the results which we are getting from search engines are based on keywords only. So choosing wrong keywords is one of the most common mistakes done by people. We should choose keyword according to the audience we want to attract. There are many tools(Google AdWords keyword planner, Google Trends, SEMrush and Moz Keyword Explorer) available which can help you in choosing right keywords.

Ordinary or No Title Tags and Meta Description
This is also one of the common SEO mistakes that sites either have the same Title tags through out all pages or the tag is left empty. After choosing your right keywords it is important to use them properly in your title tags and description. So one should always write unique title tags and description for each page of the site because it will help in improving the performance of your content.

Keyword Stuffing
The over usage of targeted keywords only raise the red flags and it makes your article look more spammy. The keyword density should be between 1-3% of the total words. When things start appearing forced, then you are adversely affecting your SEO performance. There is a technology called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) used by Google, to find out the similarities in phrases used. That is why, you should make it keyword focused, but don't use the same keyword in the exact similar order of words or phrases again and again.

Content with no focused keyword
Another common SEO mistake is, to publish an article or piece of content which is not keyword or topic focused. Always write content which is keyword focused, your content should be the answer to the user query. If your content isn't giving the answer then it won't rank well. So there should be a target keyword and the content should be written keeping that particular keyword in mind.

Inactive at Social media platform
You are making a very big mistake if you are not active on social media platform. SEO experts acknowledge that social media is acquiring more area when it comes to ranking and also a good source of traffic. It is one of the best and most powerful ways to promote your content or website. One need to find which platform is best suited to their audience and try to build trust by sharing informative and useful content.

Neglecting internal links
Internal links are important as it helps in improving rankings and users also find more topics in which they are interested in. But make sure to add an internal link which matches the topic. Most website owners don't bother to create internal links as they might assume them to be a waste of time or may be because they are not aware of the effectiveness of SEO.

Focusing more on Link Quantity over Link Quality
What people not getting is quality links matter over quantity links, one link from a popular blog can improve your search engine rankings than thousands of low-quality directory links. They are not easier to get, that is the reason search engine trusts them. So don't just focus on link quantity, do focus on links quality.

So after going through this article you are well versed with some serious and common SEO mistakes and now you can definitely avoid them to make search engines work better for your business.

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