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9 October, 2018

How using Agile development with Drupal keeps the customer satisfied?

In today’s digital world, agile development has become the tech buzzword. The main reason for its popularity among software companies is it provides quality solutions within the fastest turnaround time. It also makes developers realize the importance of improving adaptability as well as reducing the time-to-market for delivering successful projects. The methodology is becoming a part and parcel of Drupal development too. Now, let’s find out how using Agile development with Drupal keeps the client happy.

1. Team Approach

Agile Development uses a team approach where all particles work closely together to create a better product. Drupal user’s community also adds to an extensive network of over 30,000 developers that provide updates and feedback that help constantly to improve the software. 

2. Reusable code-

Unlike Drupal, the agile development also focuses on reusable code and preventing “the reinvention of the wheel”. With more than 16,000 available modules, the vast majority of a project’s requirements can be addressed with Drupal core. Even when customization is necessary, it is easy to hook into Drupal’s core functionality, allowing rapid application development.

3. Follow a sprint-based approach-

If you follow a sprint-based approach as a part of the agile methodology, make sure you have a well-planned user story for the sprint. It is also used by Drupal Development team for drafting and estimating the implementation.

4. Clarity on business metrics and goals-

For agile Drupal development, clarity on business metrics and goals is essential. Proper planning ensures high quality along with timely completion. The QA efforts should be driven by these metrics and goals because the ultimate aim is to give solutions to the client’s requirements. 

Using Agile Development with Drupal keeps the client happy and business flourishing because problems are minimized, development is more rapid and clients are informed throughout the process.

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how using agile development with Drupal, find out how using Agile development with Drupal keeps the client happy.
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