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App Review: 5 Easy Ways to Do It
18 November, 2019

App Review: 5 Easy Ways to Do It

A business owner only wants to invest his/her resources on the best output when it comes to mobile app development. I am assuming, you all know the importance of having a mobile app for the business. Wait….what? You don’t have any idea about that? Well, take a pause right here and first check out the perks of having a mobile application for the business

Alright... now that you are very much aware of why a mobile application is a must for any business, it’s time to move forward. 

Well, there is no doubt, your team can build the best app for your business. But the question is, how can you define it to be the best? Obviously, you cannot just say it to be the best just because of the fact that you’ve built it or have done deep research on the market or invested a huge sum on the app development. Fret not! It’s not that difficult to review your app, at least not if you have taken these 5 easy ways into consideration. Wondering what easy ways? Let’s find out together!


Why Your App Needs to be Reviewed

Many of you (maybe those who are new to this development thing) must be thinking of what’s the use of reviewing the mobile app? Well, there is a hard way to tell this - “Nobody is perfect”. There is always a scope of improvement. And if you don’t look to target these improvements then there are chances that your app will fail miserably. There are many possible reasons that could make users stop using your app. These could be:

  • Unwanted bugs 
  • Slow loading time
  • Abrupt crash

If after witnessing any of these glitches, a user has decided to review your app, then it is for sure you will get a negative review. And being a business owner, you yourself know the importance of positive or good ratings or reviews. 


Best 5 Ways to Review Your App


  • Social Media Channels

Social Media is just not restricted to connecting with people and knowing them. It’s way more than that! Social Media is also touted as the platform to promote and market a business, website or app. It is considered as a valuable feedback platform. There are a number of social media platforms, each having billions or millions of active users. If not all, your app users must be having a presence in at least one of these platforms. Hence, stay active and engage on these platforms to get your app reviewed by your users. Find a way to communicate with them so that, whenever there is a problem in your app, you’ll know about it. For that, build a social media presence which will definitely take some time. 

  • Encourage In-app Reviews

One of the best practices to get your app reviewed is to let users know you value them and want to hear from them. The contact information on your app should be simple and easily accessible. And with the help of that, users can communicate with you. There should be an option of call, email, text or live chat that allows your users to get in touch with you and help you conduct in-app surveys. This is the best and easy way to monitor your performance and to know where your app is lacking on the basis of customers’ reviews. 

  • Reach Out to Your Peer from the Same Industry 

There is nothing wrong with seeking help or advice from your peers from the same industry. Ask your former colleagues or friends to review your app in a nice way. Anybody in the technology industry could help you get your app reviewed. The only reason I ask to pick a technical person is that he/she has the right knowledge to judge as an expert. Besides, anyone from the technical background has the expertise to pick out the flaws that a general person won’t be able to. 

  • Focus Group and Beta Testers

If you are one of those who have this misconception that the focus group is way too expensive, then I would like to tell you are wrong. Well, yes they are expensive. But, there are many other ways as well that either ask you to pay a very minimum amount or are completely free of cost. For that, you are first supposed to post information on different forums. Now, reach out to local college students. You can convince them to join your focus groups by offering them a voucher or gift card in return. 

Besides, beta testing platforms can also be used to review your app. You can use a website like Beta Family for this. The website helps you to get feedback through analytics and reports. You can also directly communicate with the people who have tested and reviewed your app. This helps you know about all the flaws that are there in your app. 

  • Communicate With Your Users through Forum

There is ain’t a better way that the Feedback Form to know what a user feels about your web app. A special page or section should be designed where users can communicate with you. Through this feedback form, they can share information on any glitch or their overall experience on your application. And you, on your part, will be there to entertain their feedback, communicate with them back, and assure them to work on the issues. 

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In these ways, you can ensure a review of your website not just from your users but from peers as well. If you want to know more about web development or app revies, connect with Auxesis Infotech. We are one of the leading web app developers that aim to deliver the best product keeping the client’s aim, vision, needs, and preferences into consideration.

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