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Why Mobile App is Needed Along with a Good Website?
5 November, 2019

Why Mobile App is Needed Along with a Good Website?

While doing my research for this blog, I found the end number of posts on “Mobile App vs Website” that directly or indirectly say why the mobile app is a better option than a mobile website. 

Well, there is nothing wrong with comparing both. But, in my opinion, a business needs both; a website is equally important as the mobile app. Yes, mobile apps are far more effective and efficient than websites, but this can’t be the reason to say a good website is worthless or does that mean, you don’t need a good website? Obviously not! To be honest, I am also going to praise Mobile Apps (because such are their value to businesses, worldwide) but at the same time, I will not mislead you all by saying a business doesn’t need a website. 

So, to know why bringing a mobile application is a game-changer for any business, stick to the end of this blog. 

Difference Between Mobile App and Website

Before directly heading out to the conclusion, it is important to first understand the difference between a mobile app and website. 

Mobile Apps are the applications that one needs to download and install on their phone device in order to get access to it. Similar to a website, the content and data of a mobile app is only accessible from the internet. Some applications, like video streaming apps, give users an option to download content so that it can be accessed even without the internet connection. 

A business website, on the other hand, includes browser-based HTML pages that are linked together. If a traditional website is concerned, it consists of text contents, images, data, videos, and other important information and features depending on the nature of business. For example, a restaurant website includes information related to its timings and a feature that allows one to book a table without any hassle.

What does Mobile Application bring to the Table?

Let’s have a look at some of the pros of mobile apps.


  • Personalized Experience

A mobile application is all about proffering tailored communication to users keeping their interests, usage behavior, and location into consideration. If you don’t how all this is done, well, to your information, application lets every user set his/her own preferences at the start. On the basis of that, a customized result or to be precisely said, customized content is served on the screen of a user. 

  • Use of Mobile Device Capabilities

An application can interface with your mobile device’s hardware and features, like that of, camera to scan documents, GPS to find your current location, and your sim card to automatically verify the OTP. 

  • Notifications

Did you ever give it a thought about how you are able to know about all the offers, discounts, and deals? Well, it’s because of notifications that you get from an app. Now, notifications are of two types - push and in-app notifications. For a fact, you must be more familiar with push notifications; it is referred to as notifications that a user gets regardless of any activity on that particular app. In-app notifications, on the other hand, are those notifications that a user gets when he/she opens the app. In the case of in-app notification, there is a separate option of notification built inside the app. 

  • Offline Accessibility

You can better understand this point with an example. Let’s take the apps of Netflix and Amazon Prime; one of their significant features is that they allow their users to download any content (while having an internet) so that, they can watch it even when they don’t have the internet connection. This is one of the best features of any mobile application which allows offline access to its users. 

  • Brand Presence

There is no doubt that we as users spend a considerable amount of time on our mobile devices. This gives companies a branding opportunity for their apps. Wondering how? Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a major chunk of phone users encounter almost all the apps they have installed on their mobile device. Even those who are least on their devices, know an app as a brand.


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As I mentioned earlier, for a company, both a business website and a mobile app are equally important. And now that we have done with the perks of a mobile application, you can check why having a website is also important for your business. Also, for more such interesting posts, you can check out our blog section. 

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