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What is CMS and how to pick the best for your e-commerce website?
9 September, 2018

What is CMS and how to pick the best one for your e-commerce website?


The current, CMS becomes the best platform for many startups or small online businesses as it helps them to perform indexing, search & retrieval and format management. CMS is the abbreviation of the Content Management System, which is a computer application that renders tools to administer, collaborate, and authorize the website. This computer application helps in managing the content of your website by allowing the process of web publishing, editing, preparing, maintaining, and deleting from a certain interface. Even though there are many CMS options available, it takes a vital role in building websites quickly, allows strong content and managing it effectively, offers user-friendly interfaces, and manages the progress of work.


Opting CMS for business growth is a wonderful idea, but there are certain things that need to be considered more carefully while selecting the best CMS for your business. CMS is not only a platform, but also a booster to bring reputation to your e-commerce website and business, to guide the buyers to take the favorable buying decisions, and obviously to give the result and profit. A better platform allows your website to expand continuously to be fit for future endeavors. Before selecting the CMS, one has to get a better idea about the functionality of the various CMS options and pick the one or combination of two or more that suits your business needs well. Look at below mentioned CMS which are famous and being used by more people today.


1. WordPress for eCommerce-

Why Yes- WordPress is universally recognized as the most used CMS  on the web, secure, stable and easy to use. It is precisely great due to its function code which is very simple and flexible to use. In addition to these aspects, a point that makes WordPress very interesting is the great availability of plugins with which you can completely optimize your site.
Why No- Although it is the most famous CMS and the easiest to handle, must keep in mind that WordPress was born as an ideal platform for blogging, for creating and managing a blog with a great level of SEO optimization.


2.Joomla for eCommerce-

Why Yes- In this case, it is impossible to argue with 35 million downloads and counting, or as the Joomla website says, one download every 2.5 seconds. Joomla is most suitable for the creation of websites without the need to have some kind of technical skills.
Why No- Although it has served services to some of the renowned websites like Pizza Hut and Kelloggs, we can’t ignore the fact that it is less powerful and less adaptable than the CMS created precisely for the trade electronics.


3. Drupal for eCommerce-

Why Yes- Drupal is characterized by being one of the best open source CMS in the circulation, which allows us to create and manage a website, a blog or community. It is a very powerful CMS, which by its nature arises as a solution suitable for a corporate and professional use. There is a great plugin for e-commerce called  Drupal Commerce. The real point of strength of this CMS is the presence of the official community which is to compare and seek help from professionals and developers.
Why No- There are no real reasons to say that Drupal can’t be the best option available for e-commerce. Some of its issues are not easy to manage or the level of customization a bit limited.


4.Magento for eCommerce-

Why Yes- Magento is an open source CMS to e-commerce, therefore suitable for the creation of your business. Magento provides the user with a series of big advantages seen in the powerful marketing tools and product management. There are many features that make Magento the best choice like the ability to post reviews about products or even sheets of the individual products.
Why No- There is no valid reason for not considering Magento as an ideal solution for eCommerce.

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Hope this article answered your question about the best CMS platform for your eCommerce business. So, if you are looking for the best CMS services then do contact Auxesis InfoTech.

What is CMS, CMS which are famous and being used by more people today,
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