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16 December, 2018

Amazing Christmas and New Year Free Homepage Design Offer

Best Christmas & New Year Offer for Businesses

With the festive season within a whisker, it’s time for new surprises, gifts, and raining Christmas and New Year best offers on web design services. To mark a joyous start to Christmas and New Year celebrations, Auxesis Infotech brings you the “Free Homepage Design/Redesign” offer to all businesses.

The limited period offer will expire on 5th January 2019 and is a chance of a lifetime to get your business’s website a free design makeover by the expert design pundits. We have been into the web design and development space for over a decade and know the industry insights like no one else.

The Free Homepage Web Design or Redesign Offer can be availed by reaching out to us here. Since it’s a festive offer for a limited period, we recommend booking your slots on the first-availability basis to not miss the chance.


Why Your Website’s Homepage is So Important?

I remember a vivid memory from my childhood wherein I used to go trick or treating on Halloween. On one side of the street, there was this old house with unmowed lawn, broken windows, and chipped paint. Probably, an abandoned house, which gave me an intuition that I wasn’t going to get the best candy from whoever lived there.

While on the other side, there was this beautiful house with a segmented lawn, bright windows, door with a Christmas wreath and color of the fresh paint that made the whole look pop. It stood out and I knew I’d probably get large Snickers when I ring the doorbell.

Think of your website on the basis of the comparison of these two houses. If you want people to come and ring your doorbell, be the nice house. Period.

When you want someone to explore more about your website, when they land on it via social media or blog, you want them to go deeper and possibly convert. Trends in web design change quite rapidly and so do your website.

Modern homepages today have an urban, subtle, and refreshing appeal to it where creativity pops out. Check out some specific elements of a perfect website homepage:

Homepage Key Elements

1.   Crisp and Clear Branding – Logo, tagline, and business or product image should secure a focal point on your website’s homepage as key elements. Just like the comparison above to the doors, get your visitors to ring the doorbell and come in.

2.   Homepage Copy – Content is the king and rightly so. Make sure the content on the website homepage is catchy, short, and crisp without overwhelming your readers with a flood of information. That’s what blogs are for!

3.   Expressive Design – “Less is more” kind of design is what’s trending now. Don’t stress your users with the loud color palette, and overuse of graphics of images. Play it subtle and impact right.

4.   Navigation is the Backbone – The basic purpose of a website homepage is to direct the users to the assisted pages so the navigation has to be simple, strong, and intuitional. Don’t send your viewers on a wild goose chase once they land at your homepage.

5.   Social sharing Links – Sharing your social media links on your website’s homepage is the best way to build credibility in user’s minds about your business.

If I say that “website is the first impression that you give to your audience,” it won’t be an understatement. You are letting the world know that yours is an amazing business and the rest of the website is going to be awesome.

My team, here at Auxesis Infotech, has a decade of experience in professional and beautiful websites for all industry niches. The homepages we’ve created in the past not just had visitors knocking on the door but came in to have coffee too! Want your website to be next? Touch upon us here

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