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19 November, 2018

7 Key Elements of a Website Homepage That Brings in Business

Must-Have Homepage Elements

Besides an appealing design, a website homepage needs so much more in today's business world. The jobs of web designers today isn't just about making a beautiful template but to be on the same wavelength as a developer to deliver a striking and well-performing website.
Your business might risk losing potential business opportunities if you think a good website is all about "making a site looking pretty." There is SEO, content, strategy, functionality, user experience, trust, and much more. Phew! All this and even more!
While there's no perfect formula for a successful website homepage that's sure to capture every visitor's attention, these 7 key elements of a website homepage are sure to make a lot of difference.
Let's understand the necessary elements of your website homepage to make a lasting first impression on your customer.


7 Key Elements of a Website Homepage


•    Clear Navigation

Your website's navigation is one of the most visited corners of your website and definitely needs most attention as one of the most important key elements of a good homepage design. A site with poor navigation might confuse and frustrate a visitor and he might abandon your site over something that pleases to his needs. You would surely not want to do that to your business.
Not sure which pages to include in the navigation bar? Check out your website analytics and try to group the most-visited pages categorically on your homepage.


•    Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

So a visitor navigates around your website and likes what he sees. Now what? Does your website have a clear path for him to follow? When trying to create your main CTA, ascertain what actions you want your customers to take? Purchase your service or product? Visit your business? Take consultation online? Make your CTA appear clear, unambiguous, and persuasive for your customer to drive in sales.


•    Irresistible Value Proposition

What if your business has some of the most awesome products on the shelf but there's no defined value written about them on the website! A potential customer might whisk away to the next ranked website in the search results if he doesn't know what value might your business add to his life. Sounds like a nightmare?
The key element of a good homepage design is to have an incredibly-written, clear value proposition that addresses the problems solved by your business.


•    Appealing and High-Quality Visuals

Having interesting visuals that bring in the right amount of freshness break the monotony of a webpage beautifully. Appealing, high-quality stock images, videos, relevant graphics, high-definition and actual image of your products or even a creative color scheme would add the right amount of sharpness and sophistication to your website homepage. Humans like to connect with humans, so make sure you're using stock photos of real human beings.


•    Reviews and Testimonials

If yours is a small-scale business, having reviews for your business and products or services can go a long way into business conversion. When dealing with not a well-known brand, customers often rely on testimonials and user reviews before making a purchase decision.
Encourage your past customers to leave a positive review on your website against your business. Tap any positive media coverage your business has got, any awards or recognitions, or simply highlight the best-reviewed products on your homepage. This is the most credible and important key elements of a homepage design.


•    Blog Highlights

If you maintain a blog section for your visitors to get updated on the important information, news, trends in the business, or about your products; include the most recent or most-visited blog links on your homepage. This key element of a good homepage design not just keeps the readers engaged but also increases your reputation as a business.


•    Contact Info (Physical & Social)

Contact information is important for people to build trust in you. They need assurance on how to locate you if something goes blue or they need to visit your business in person. Your contact info must have these details:
·         Mailing address
·         Phone number
·         Google location
·         Phone numbers
·         Email address


Besides these, online or physical businesses must keep the links to their social media handles at the base or header. This goes a long way in increasing your social media following and keeps visitors engaged about the happenings in your business.


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