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A Ultimate Guide to the Golden Rules of UX
19 December, 2019

Golden Rules That Will Help You Design Better Interfaces

Agree or not, but whenever it is about User Experience (UX), we often think about usability. But, that’s not it! UX is much more than just usability. It includes other factors like web design tools, best practices to keep on evolving, and UX rules. So, if you were just sticking on the same old User Experience concept, then it’s time to change it. Whether you are looking to change your entire UX workflow or just want to know you are doing all right, have a look at these essential rules, or I should say the golden rules of UX. So, here we go!

  • Design for Users

It is very much important to know how to make the design user-friendly. Well, as a designer, it is your responsibility to know the needs of the users and according to that build a design. There might be numerous designs that have influenced you but implementing these designs without even knowing whether or not it’ll be in accordance with users’ needs is not at all a good idea. 

Now if you are wondering how to figure out whether or not a particular idea has user value, then fret not. It’s pretty simple! For a fact, it somewhere revolves around two important questions that you need to ask to yourself:
Do you want this? - this you have to ask during the user testing process, and
Can you use this? - you have to ask this question during the usability testing process. 

  • Offer Simple Error Handling

Being a user, no one likes to be called wrong, even you. Hence, it is essential to design the entire system fool-proof. Despite that, if any unavoidable errors occur, make sure that your users are provided with simple yet easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions. The only way to do that is to ensure that in case of such a problem, the users can resolve the issue by themselves. 

  • User Testing

User Testing is inevitable. And it is likely that you already have a good knowledge of user testing, isn’t it? But despite that, sometimes the designers do not pay attention to proper user testing. Hence, to ensure that here some testing tips that often help designers smooth and proper user testing. 
Give free access in exchange for regular feedback
Make a list of loyal testers and try more often to use them
Sit down with your team regularly and organize feedback

  • Provide Absolute Clarity

Users cannot be taken for granted! When they get confused, there are chances that your brand may often lose traffic. The trust of your brand presence in the market starts faded away. Users start hitting the back button after landing on your website and most of the time, never return again. In the present world, where everyone is being so impatient, there is always an alternative out there in the market which is faster, cheaper, and better. 

  • Enable Shortcuts

One of the best rules of UX is to make users tailor frequent actions by granting them shortcut access. Hidden commands, abbreviations, function keys, and macro facilities are very useful to an expert user.

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Just to let you know, if you keep these rules into consideration, then you’ll be able to design a great, productive, and hassle-free user interfaces just like that of those big brands. As long as the interactive technologies are there in the market, the interaction between human and an interface will continue to flourish making these 5 steps crucial during the designing process. To know more about these rules, you can connect with Auxesis India. They are the leading professionals in the field of web design and development, and hence, can help in any query related to it.

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