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Why Voice UI Will be a Game Changer in 2020?
9 December, 2019

Why Voice UI Will be a Game Changer in 2020?

Take a moment and let’s roll back to the past when these OS and IOS based smartphones just got introduced to the world. Well, let’s be honest we never ever imagined that one day we’ll see technologies like Voice Assistance and Face Recognition. The growth is so fast that within a span of just 10 or 12 years, our lives have completely changed - thanks to these dynamic technologies. 

Talking about Voice Assistance, well, it came in the year 2011 with the introduction of Siri and from there, there is no look back. Today, almost every popular brand has its own voice assistant. Be it Microsoft, Amazon, or Google, they all have it! Voice Interface (VUI) at the present time is not flourishing in the smartphone industry but in all sorts of industries. From healthcare to banking, organizations are racing to release their own voice technology integrations to cater to the needs of users. Hence, it is pretty obvious that the year 2020 will be of Voice UI. 


What’s Causing the Shift Towards Voice UI?

The ever-changing user demands are the key factor in the shift towards Voice UI. In this digitally-driven world, consumers are more drawn towards speed, efficiency, and convenience. 

The main driver of the shift towards voice user interfaces is the changing user demands. There is an increased overall awareness and a higher level of comfort demonstrated specifically by millennial consumers. In this ever-evolving digital world where speed, efficiency, and convenience are constantly being optimized. Another aspect that plays an important role in the shift is the mass adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the everyday lives of the users. There are a number of IoT devices, like that of, speakers, smart thermostats, and appliances Of all, smart speakers is that one device that has changed the entire scene of Voice Interface. Many experts have predicted that in the next coming 5 years, every application will include voice technology in some way. 
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Why Adopting a Voice Strategy is Important?

It’s obvious, mobile phones don’t have a big screen space which makes it more difficult for users to navigate or search. The voice assistance enables users to use natural language (yes the verbal one) to reduce manual effort. It makes the entire thing a lot easier and convenient. Besides, in order to provide a better user experience on the website, organizations must look at target VUI. The most important reason why Voice Assistance will be the game-changer in 2020 is the fact that users look for more efficient and quicker options to complete tasks and without a doubt, voice plays a vital in it. Hence, comes the need for voice strategy to implement in order to cater to the needs of end-users. 

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