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30 September, 2018

Why development in Drupal is a better choice?

Drupal is one of the most widely used and highly functional  Management System across the globe. Flexible and highly scalable, Drupal can enhance your visibility by delivering rich media content and engaging thousands of concurrent users in a secure way. A large number of companies like White House, Twitter developer community, Zynga, New York Stock exchange and many more have chosen Drupal-based website due to various benefits associated with the software.

We all are aware of the fact that how PHP has turned out an obvious choice among the developers years. And, the reason is crystal clear as they do not require to pay a single penny for licensing. Drupal, which is also composed of PHP cost less to a company when they decide to go to a website based on that.

Now, the big Question- Why development in Drupal is the best? Well here are the reasons:

    1. Unlimited Opportunities- Drupal is everywhere from Social media sites to eCommerce, from business web portals to personal website. It effectively helps organizations to address all the requirements for better online presence. Drupal consists of more than twenty-nine thousand modules and more than thousands of themes which are used by a large number of Drupal web agencies for developing a custom website for their clients.

    2. More Sophisticated set of features- First, one has to understand this, Drupal is not a content management system; it is a content management framework. It provides the structure for web applications, far more complex than a CMS, that do all the things websites can do like expanded functionality, commute with other applications and many more.

    3. Most Powerful framework among all- In short, we are trying to say Drupal Development is more popular than WordPress and Joomla. How? Check out the below-mentioned points-

  • Open Source and Free- Drupal is free, whether it be core software, contributed modules or a large number of templates.
  • Highly customizable- With Drupal, it is easy to customize attributes like features, operation, designs .
  • Rapid deployment can be facilitated- Drupal enables companies to deploy core features and functionality easily.

Once you understand the true importance of Drupal, you’ll be in love with this content management system- where almost anything is possible.

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