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10 September, 2018

Proven benefits of Drupal for E-commerce business.


Let’s start with some introduction, Drupal is a free and open source content-administration structure written in PHP and circulated under the GNU (General Public License). It’s been around more than 15 years, the advantage of Drupal for technical fraternity is known and available whether it is for corporate, political or even government sites. A large number of well-known multinational brands rely on Drupal CMS whether it’s BBC or Tesla. But,  why do people choose Drupal over other CMS’s?  Well, to understand this, we need to classify this into three important questions:

    • Why is Drupal the first priority?
    • How is it imperative?
    • Where can we see Drupal making its impression?


Why is Drupal the first priority?

In this digital world, Drupal is performing the role of flag bearer not just in case of building websites but it also brings a lot of innovation for improving your digital business standards. And, because of its fast and incredible services, Drupal community has grown into a gigantic group that is spread across 229 countries supporting 180 languages, which is itself a milestone.


How is it imperative?

Drupal being fully fledged platform has the knack of establishing your business and digital services. Some of the significant benefits of Drupal in business are:

    1. Mobile-first approach- Being fully responsive, Drupal delivers mobile-friendly websites and follows the mobile-first approach. It is efficacious in delivering content on web, phones or tablets and enables better performance in the digital arena.

    2. Easily controlled SEO, CRO and website analytics- Drupal provides a single system to work so it is completely smooth to manage SEO, CRO (Conversion rates optimization) and website analytics. This makes the customer’s journey simpler and provides satisfaction.

    3. Creative Freedom- It is one of the most important trademarks of Drupal. It provides you the freedom that your organisation requires to manage the development of a project at your own convenience and speed.

    4. Edit at your own- What is better than editing on your own? Drupal allows you to edit your content across different screens with ease and efficiency. Inbuilt editing feature has made content management easier than ever before.

    5. Flexible payment mode- Drupal provides you full freedom in choosing payment modes. Besides freedom, it allows you to build multiple payment modes.


Where can we see Drupal making its impression?

Now, let’s see which are the firms that have climbed up the ladder using Drupal for their digital business.

1. Flashpoint Marketing- CEO of Flashpoint Marketing had made praiseworthy remarks for Drupal in an interview with Cloudways. He said,  “Drupal is a great platform with the fantastic community and it has a bright future.”

2. Redactive Media- The leading provider of the magazine, digital solutions and live events, has replaced legacy CMS with Drupal. And, now enjoying success with its tremendous features.

3. Wiley Education Services- Digital Content Publisher of Wiley Education services, Charles Hogan has called Drupal “Titan of open source”. He further praised this framework by adding Drupal’s core package offers a great out-of-box product that can easily be modified to meet any business needs.


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benefits of Drupal for E-commerce business, why is Drupal the first priority
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