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19 December, 2018

6 Mind Blowing Statistics on Importance of E-commerce Product Videos

Why are E-Commerce Product Videos Important?

While we know that making e-commerce product videos is hard enough which makes e-commerce businesses settle for photos and graphics. Video marketing is insanely relevant yet utilizing e-commerce product videos is still an underutilized territory.

If you want to go past your competitors and take your e-commerce business to another level, we recommend you understand the importance of e-commerce product videos. Let’s first understand how to increase conversions and sales with e-commerce product video marketing.

Google Adores Videos

Google search results show a mix of images, videos, maps, news, and other mediums when you search for something specific. If you have videos linked to that particular component a user searches on the web, Google favors you and keeps you above rest, more so when you have those videos hosted on YouTube (a Google-owned company for videos).

People are More Inclined to Videos

As compared to other resource material, people are more inclined to clicking and sharing videos. Intuitively, viewers are highly likely to click on videos to grasp a subject better.

Videos are Highly Engaging

Videos are far more engaging and captivating as compared to reading texts or product descriptions. The amount of time a viewer spends on the internet watching videos is on rising. Videos engage those audiences who are likely to abandon your products if they didn’t see the video.

Statistics Prove How Crazily Popular are E-commerce Product Videos

"14% of Google Search Results Shows Videos"

Online consumers search pattern reveals that based on their preferences, videos occupy 14% of Google search results when a user searches for a particular product online. And if you don’t have an e-commerce product video, chances are you’re losing business.

Google also went on forecasting that videos grouping on Google, just like any other ad campaign, will be a thing of the future. So get prepared to understand the importance of e-commerce product videos and deploy them in getting higher visibility on search engines.

"73% of Video Viewers Promptly Convert into Sales"

Did you know that customers think an e-commerce store having product videos is more trustworthy and considers their products to be genuine and quality ones? Including e-commerce product videos on your site can prompt customers into buying instantly.

"46% Viewers Just Showroom Around & Not Buy If Video Isn’t Available"

If your site doesn’t have product videos, more and more viewers are just likely to showroom around and not buy anything. Putting an e-commerce product video enables a viewer to see the product in action and answers most of his queries and apprehensions. If there isn’t any video, you are likely to have lost a customer and sale who will hit the nearest store around and buy the product in person.

"71% Consumers Believe E-commerce Product Videos are More Explanatory"

Consumers who get very well versed with the products are more likely to convert than those who are doubtful of the functioning and quality of the products. Viewers are willing to spend their money only if they well their answers related to the product in question have been answered. Videos are explanatory to the extent that can erase a buyer’s apprehension.

"57% are Less Likely to be Surprised By Products With Videos When They Arrive"

Those buyers who view and reckon the product videos well before ordering the product online are less likely to be surprised and shocked when the actual product arrives in person. As everyone knows, consumers who are less surprised are also the ones happy with their purchases and leave you positive feedback and appreciation.

"58% Think E-Commerce Store with Product Videos are Trustworthy"

At the end of the day, it all boils down to just one thing – getting a customer’s trust. When you end up including product videos in your e-commerce store, you re putting up real products out there for the world to see and decide, and not hiding behind the garb of Photoshop and striking angle product photos.

The customers understand and are content with the products they’re ordering leading to a trustworthy relationship with the brand in the long run. The consumer who’s placed his interest in the brand is worth the investment by including videos.

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Video marketing strategy is still an underdog and needs to be widened in order to reap more benefits from e-commerce product photos. But for putting up an e-commerce product video, one needs to have an e-commerce website to showcase videos. Get a competitive, functional, and delightful e-commerce site design and development from Auxesis Infotech. Reach out to us here.

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