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E-commerce Website Mistakes - A Threat to Sales!

Industry figures suggest that more than half of the startups fail to survive because of common e-commerce website mistakes. While taking cues from niche sites like Amazon, responsible for more than 40 percent of all sales made online, it's tricky but not difficult to survive in this competitive industry.

While mistakes are a stepping stone to success, we suggest some mistakes are not supposed to be made in the first place itself. One should learn from these common e-commerce website mistakes and take them as an opportunity to thrive in this fiercely cutting world.

E-commerce Website Mistakes

1. Questionable Design

Design of an e-commerce website factors more into whether users find it reliable or not. The entire content of the website be it product images, content, and more should be designed in a manner to make it appear trustworthy and dependable.

A reliable e-commerce website design is one of those areas where you shouldn't think of doing it alone (unless you are an experienced web designer or run a web designing company. A design is the most crucial element of an e-commerce website and has to be properly invested in an updated, trusted, and tested e-commerce platform with a modern theme.

2. Non-Responsive Design

"51% of the online shoppers worldwide make the purchase on their smartphones."

I can't stress enough how important it is to have an e-commerce website that functions well on all devices. Mobile purchases are based more on instinct and form nearly 21% of all the online spending. It's not just crucial but a must for an e-commerce website to be responsive on all devices. Sadly, till date, many e-commerce websites make this mistake of not having a responsive design.

3. Redundant SEO or Technical SEO Errors

One of the most common e-commerce website mistakes is having technical SEO marketing errors. E-commerce websites are more prone to SEO errors than any other website. Minor or major, the technical SEO errors are enough to make your e-commerce website fall flat on the search engine rankings and driving your customers away.

Common SEO e-commerce website mistakes are having duplicate versions of the same page, links to non-existing pages, links to redirected pages, and unreachable pages from any links on the website.

Technical SEO errors in e-commerce websites is a huge mistake and have to be avoided. Seeking a professional e-commerce web design company's help is recommended.

4.Too Complicated Shopping Cart

One of the most irritating e-commerce website mistakes that are turning customers away is having a complicated checkout or cart option. When a customer has decided to buy a product from your website, the website should be designed in a way that doesn't put any obstacle in the way of ordering.

Common errors include forcing the customer to login or signup to make a purchase, too small buttons and big texts, unexpected fees at checkout, and more than 3 clicks to purchase.

5.Complex Navigation

Website Revamp is absolutely not recommended unless it's crucial to your USP. Adopt the best e-commerce website navigation practices to avoid e-commerce website mistakes. A poor navigation system can break the entire deal and shoo away your customers. Here's what to do:

  • Highlight the clickable buttons in large size
  • Categories should be placed at the top
  • Filter-based navigation system must be adopted to let the customers sort by price, freshness, reviews, and, features.
  • •Single click product link buttons with "add to cart" or "buy" button prominently highlighted.
  • Giving the users a search button

6.Non-Appealing Product Photos & Graphics

There is no doubt that having clear and high-quality product pictures are a must for an e-commerce website. The product page on an e-commerce website must have high-quality and pictures along with pictures of similar or sponsored products at the bottom.

Updated and relevant graphics on the entire website is extremely crucial and a major e-commerce website mistake to avoid.

7. Inadequate Social Proof

One of the major e-commerce website mistakes to avoid is having inadequate social proof on the website. A potential customer on your website will always look for product reviews if he's unsure of the quality of the product. Don't hesitate in getting the product reviews on your website as it only increases the sales by 18 percent.

If you're worried about negative reviews then opt for star rating program where users can easily filter the products on the basis of star ratings. Not having any review or having all positive reviews raises suspicion in the eyes of the customer.

8.Unavailability of Contact Info

Unavailability of contact number of customer care on each webpage of the e-commerce website can raise suspicion in the customer's eyes. Most customers prefer e-commerce websites that have their contact information splashed on every page of the site as they end up sharing their card or banking details with the website. A big e-commerce website mistake like this can be avoided with a small act of mentioning your contact information on all pages of the website.

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Final Thoughts!

The best way to nail an e-commerce website design and avoid mistakes is to learn from others mistakes and incorporate the best e-commerce website practices to your business. While we understand it's one hell of a task and doing all alone is going to cost you much-precious business hours, outsourcing e-commerce website project is the key to thriving in this competitive world. Trust Auxesis Infotech, the best web design, development, and Drupal agency that specializes in e-commerce website design and development for many years.

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