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28 October, 2018

The Top Things to Know About Mobile First Indexing.

Every SEO company that is dedicated to optimizing their client’s website by deciphering algorithms, must have felt a jerk after hearing about Mobile first Indexing.

After deep research on search engine optimization, Google has introduced mobile first indexing. It’s a new approach to making a better user experience and a more useful search engine result.


Introduction First

Mobile first index, in a nutshell, is Google’s way of (and other search engines) ranking your site relative to others when users search for related keywords. This means if your site is optimized for the mobile phone, Google will rank you favorably on the mobile as well as on the desktop.


How it Affects your Target Audience

According to Google, mobile devices are quickly emerging as the preferred way to access the internet and because of this, they shift their focus on indexing “mobile first.” The following is a list of things your target audience will achieve after implementation of mobile first indexing:

•    Faster loading time of the website and its elements while working on the phone.
•    Better quality content.
•    More structured mobile site.


How to prepare your business for Google’s Mobile First Index

This goes without saying that “Mobile first indexing” will focus on the mobile version of your website. However, if your head has not been present in optimizing your website’s mobile version it is okay but you must take care of the following:

1. The content of your page-

This point must be highlighted as the content of your mobile version is the selling point of it. Make sure to create a unique quality content which does not bear resemblance to your desktop site.

2. Technicalities-

There are several technicalities on your mobile site that can make or break it for you. Some are:

•    Verification of your mobile version on the Google console is a must.
•    You must incorporate the identically structured data markup on both the version of the website.

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You must take care of these technicalities while optimizing your mobile version. So if you don’t want your business to suffer, you must start working on optimizing your mobile version. To build a website integrated with mobile first indexing, do contact Auxesis Infotech.

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