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A Guide to Graphic Design Trends for 2020
20 November, 2019

A Guide to Graphic Design Trends for 2020

With the year 2019 being on its verge, it’s time to welcome 2020 with open arms.

The future cannot be predicted but trends can! We have no idea about what heights the graphic design industry will achieve in 2020 or how the industry will work in that year, but we certainly know the trends that will play a major role in scripting the future of the graphic design world. The industry has always been an ideal place for people with deep admiration, a creative mindset, and a huge inspiration. Therefore, for all those creative buds cum graphic designers here is a list of top 5 trends that will define the future of the graphic design industry in 2020. 

  • Shiny Metals

Using metallic materials in graphic design has turned out to be a trendy way of branding and product design which is expected to be one of the important trends of the year 2020. Though it requires minimalist overall design, yet the focus remains on the metallic design itself. Gold is the most commonly used colour for this metallic design as it looks luxurious. The effect can also be achieved using a matte surface of any colour.  


  • Muted Colour Palettes

The last few years of the graphic design industry have seen a rise of bold colours in designs because of the brands who wanted to differentiate themselves from their contemporaries. That time was the colours of electric yellow, bright blue, and toxic greens. But in the year 2020, you can expect to see a change in taste from those vivid colours to muted colour palettes. Now, you must be wondering what sort of colours muted colour palettes basically are? Well, they are slightly desaturated with contemporary, white or black colours. In short, muted colours are opposite of vivid colours. 


  • Image Text and Masking

If you are one of those experienced graphic designer, then you must be knowing that image text and masking is an old technique in the world of graphic design. However, it still looks quite modern. The effect of this technique makes a big portion of an image left unrevealed in the background. In the year 2020, it is expected that designers will create compositions with image text and masking. 


  • Colour Gradients

Undoubtedly, colour gradients are reckoned amongst the important trends of graphic design. And for the third in a row, it would be a major trend. Earlier, they were just used as a striking background. It is expected that brands will replace flat colours to make one brand distinct from another. Not just this, it is also expected that with the advent of muted colour palettes in the graphic design world, gradients will also become less vivid and bright. 


  • Collages and Drawing Photos

Doodling has become one of the major trends in the space of graphic design. It reminds us of our childhood days when we used to make drawings in our notebook. It started as a fun trend but now has become a big hit. As a result of that, we can see those doodles on designs. It gives a design a more informal, handcrafted and personalized touch to make a design look appealing. Designers often prefer to use a similar trend which includes combining real-life photos with simple illustrations to make then interactive. It is a unique trend that you are going to see in the year 2020. 

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The world of graphic design is super diverse and impressive and the year 2020, will definitely be the year of graphic design seeing its alluring trends. To know more about these trends in detail, connect with Auxesis Infotech as they are professionals in the field of graphic design and development and have years of experience serving the industry. 

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