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Web Design Terms Every Beginner Should Know
8 December, 2019

Ultimate Guide for Beginners: Must Know Graphic Design Terms

To be a pro in a particular profession, one needs to walk the road of intensive learning. Just like any other industry, web design is also a complex field of art which requires a budding designer to have a deep and extensive understanding of what this graphic designing is all about. Not just this, it also includes a deep understanding of the terminologies that a web design beginner must know in order to be a pro in the art. 


  • HTML

Stands for Hypertext Markup Language, HTML is the language of the web. It serves as a way for the designers to tell the web browser how to treat a particular piece of content. The language includes a number of different tags that all that allows the system to known what is supposed to be text copy and what is supposed to be an image. 


  • Responsive Design

In simple terms, responsive design refers to a website which is adaptive to a user’s device. Not just this, a website is said to have a responsive design when it displays the content in the most accessible and appropriate manner, irrespective of what kind of device is being used to view it. 


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization helps search engines understand the information on a particular website in order to rank it higher in an organic way. It includes ALT attributes and metatags. 


  • SaaS

Do not make a mistake to think it is the same as SAAS. Well, SaaS stands for a Software as a Service. In a layman language, it means that any service that provides a software platform, delivered via or from the cloud. Microsoft Office online, Photoshop Express, and Google Docs are some popular examples of Saas.


  • ARIA

ARIA stands for Accessible Rich Internet Application. It refers to the idea that web apps are used by different sorts of people with different needs. The term ARIA use to describe the technologies that bridge the gap between user’s needs and a web app.


  • Information Architecture (AI)

It is used to describe the semantic layout of information and content available on a website. It refers to the organization which decides what pages to go where on a website’s structure. The organization also decides what content is on each page, and one page interact with another page. 


  • A/B Testing

It is a process of trying out a different way to achieve the same end result. It is done with an aim to know which solution is the most effective one. The testing is used to trial different layouts of web pages and tracking how many users convert to paying customers.

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So, these were some of the top terminologies that you should aware of if you are looking to build a career in graphic designing. To know more about graphic designing from a professional point of view, you can quote Auxesis Infotech. We are one of the highly-recommended graphic designers and have years of experience and knowledge of the same. 

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