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25 July, 2018

Importance of UI & UX design in Building Web and Mobile Application


It is undoubted that (UI)User interface and (UX) User Experience are the two inseparable sides of a coin. Both are keeping up the relationship between the users and their product. A stunning look of mobile app design is an effective result of User Experience(UX) and User Interface (UI) design. Well, a properly designed and organized interface speak to user’s eyes, at the same time an informative and structured look feel heightened user experience. So, ideally designed UI/UX is vital for an increased time of retention.

A professionally designed UI/UX not just pulls customers but get back best possible ROI. Hence, the importance of UI and UX design in building applications must provide an extensive set of user-friendly features tuned with mobile phone usability. But, first of all, it’s vital to understand the concept of UI/UX  design.

User Interface

The UI design of a mobile application includes the look and feel of the app; this means how your application interacts with its users. The user interface designer thoroughly focuses on an app’s graphic design by understanding and considering the user need.

User Experience

The UX is an internal experience that determines the point of view of the user on how the application feels. A very good UX designer does complete research before starting the app design to figure out the target market and user’s need.

Important Aspects of UI and UX design in Building Web & Mobile applications

1. Simplicity

Simplicity speaks more. Make sure the elements you use are more user-friendly, especially the language and the visual.  A simpler app is enough to encourage its usability and installation.

2. Capture Attention at a First Glance

The web or mobile app needs to be robust enough to impress users at a very first sight. You need to make use of common colors, symbols, buttons, and icons that the user must be able to understand and operate the app easily as that make the users fall in love with the application. You can also hire web designers as they are mostly good in playing with colors and fonts to give you an astonishing feel of your app.

3. User Privacy

To earn the trust of a user it is mandatory that the website must be designed in such a manner that privacy of the users’ shouldn’t be hampered. Designers must highlight every feature of the app in detail so that users can trust them.

4. Rewarding Experience

Today, for the success of a business making use of a mobile app, it is very necessary to provide your user an excellent user experience. Giving them the best user experience simply means you are rendering the best service that will help you increase your sales.

5. Undo feature

At times, users mistakenly delete the data and information which is important to them. For such conditions, the app must be designed in such a manner that data retrieval should be easy. There must be a way to sort out the errors made by the users.

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A user experience that is satisfactory is the most vital aspect of your app that has an impact on your business future. Therefore, if you are looking forward to developing a successful application for your company or business, no need to switch to other options, Auxesis Infotech is all in to fill your needs that regard by giving out the best services.

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