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23 December, 2018

7 Mobile App Benefits over a Responsive E-Commerce Website

Mobile App v/s. Mobile Site

2018 is almost over and we are ushering in the digital era of everything mobile. Since there are more than ever mobile users compared to desktop ones, there is an increasing need for accommodating everything to a hand-held device like mobiles, tablets, and phablets.

Studies by Oracle suggest that over 60% of users prefer to shop on a mobile app over a mobile website.

Business having a mobile app benefits over a responsive website in more than one way. If you are into the business of selling products, owning a mobile app is what you need over a responsive website.

Mobile-friendly websites are not enough to power user engagement to optimize your business productivity, in turn. Most e-commerce businesses will have to move towards mobile app development to stay forward in the competition. But why?

Listed here 7 compelling benefits of the mobile app over a responsive e-commerce website. Let’s see what these are:

1.  Mobile Apps are Faster

Mobile apps are more than 1.5 times faster compared to responsive websites and thus perform actions even faster. Since these mobile apps data storage happens locally in your mobile device, the time taken for data retrieval is lightning fast.
While on the contrary, responsive websites fetch data from the web servers and data retrieval time taken depends on network speed. Another reason why to choose mobile apps over responsive websites is that websites use JavaScript to perform while mobile apps are based on frameworks which is 5 times more faster.

Since all of this happens on the back-end, your users are unfazed by the seamless experience a mobile app offers on the front end.

2.  Customized Content

Users love to see personalized content for a more enthralling experience.

A mobile app lets its users set their preferences right from the very beginning and wish to receive content tuned to their tastes. A mobile app is smarter that way to observe custom user behavior, location tracking, search history, and product preferences to deliver personalized user experience, much to a user’s delight. Users are more likely to convert when they’re delivered content as per their preferences.

3.  Deploying Device Features

Mobile apps come with this amazing feature where the developers can build a code that lets the app perform while utilizing the native features of the device. Once the app is downloaded onto the mobile device, it can use the camera to capture images, scan PDFs, scan QR codes, use GPS to connect with maps, and much more.
Another mobile app benefit over the responsive website is that using device features can significantly shorten the time taken to delight user experience.

4.  Push Notifications & Faster Updates

Push notifications, in contrast to in-app notifications, are received by a user even when the user hasn’t opened the app. While the E-Commerce Mobile App Development Company can pitch in their sales by sending personalized push notification content, the chances of conversions are increased by manifolds.
Moreover, one can send regular app updates from the Play Store so that the app is updated with all the recent products, offers, and other information at all times.

5.  Increased SEO Benefit

Since there would be two outlets for you to market your content effectively, mobile app and responsive website, similar content over these two platforms increase the SEO benefits business will derive from both. Google now favors in-app content and ranks them over businesses without the app in the search listings.

6.  Increased Engagement

Mobile apps are powered with their inbuilt interface that allows users to have a two-way immersive experience. Connecting with friends and family over the app is becoming increasingly popular. They can share the products they like across various platforms, share their purchase history, get into the one-click purchase, save their payment details for faster checkout, and more.

All this leads to increased user engagement when it comes to placing an order, returns, refunds, raising a grievance, and other sales and customer related issues.

7.  Branding & Design

Contrary to mobile websites that rely on the browser’s functions, mobile apps are designed to increase user-friendliness in a way that reflects upon the brand’s identity. While you’ve decided to change all your branding forefronts, you can customize the app accordingly to be in complete sync.

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There are numerous ways a mobile app benefits over a responsive website and aids in increasing customer footfalls, conversions, and eventually sales. Get your own custom mobile application development today to increase your chances of profits. If yours is a business willing to scale new heights, contact Auxesis Infotech.

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