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Picking the Right Website Color Scheme

The psychology of color plays a major role in the website as colors affect the psychology of a person in turn. Since a website is the single most potent marketing tool you can put across on the online space for the world to see, as a business owner, you need to make sure that the website colors must be in tune with your business, products and the philosophy of your brand.

Colors and graphics, if chosen wisely, are sure to garner the best response. Choose your target audience, segment them according to age, gender, and demographics, and keep your brand philosophy while choosing the right color scheme for your responsive website.


How Specific Colors Influence Our Feelings & Decisions

Different colors have different meanings and they affect human psychology accordingly. It’s vital as a brand to first know your target audience so that you can pick the right website color scheme based on that.

Let’s first understand what each color symbolizes:

Yellow denotes energy, brightness, and sunshine. However, choosing this color needs a lot of care as it can be quite overwhelming to the eye.

Orange color is symbolic of energy, levity, and enthusiasm. However, orange tends to be the least favorite color of Americans.

Red color is linked with danger and warning but also power, passion, and strength. This is one such color that can work wonders if choose thoughtfully.

Universal favorite color of Americans, blue color represents calmness, productivity, and honor.

Green signifies wealth, luck, and nature and is considered quite a pleasing color to the eye.

Purple color shows royalty, spirituality and wealth. But it should be used sparingly as it might come across as an artificial color too.

Black is a whimsical color which means power and sophistication on one hand and death and mystery on another hand. Caution in use needed!

Brown color is considered earthy and confidence and also denotes elegance.

Pink color is usually linked to feminism, affection, tenderness, and calmness.

Gray color looks boring yet professional and is often associated with conservative yet serious themes.

Purity, cleanliness, and youth are symbolic of white color.


How to Choose Color Combinations or Color Schemes for Website?


1.  Grasp How Color Affects Human Psychology

Referring to the color palette discussed above, it is important to understand first how colors affect human psychology. The impact color can have on a human mind also depends on the geographical location. For instance, a color that impresses Indian shoppers might not appeal to American shoppers.


2.  Consider Your Demographics Wisely

Ask yourself these questions before deciding on the right website color scheme:

  • Who is my target demographic?
  • How are you trying to reach and sell to?
  • What emotions are you trying to evoke with your products or brand?

Consider the personality and emotional quotient of your target demographic and choose the primary color of your website accordingly.

For instance, if your company is into organic food products, the green color would serve as the best choice since it signifies nature.


3.  Consider Gender

Some companies have products that cater to a specific gender. Suppose if your company is into intimate hygiene products targeted for women, it would be wise to go with colors such as pink, white, lavender, or more softer and pastel shades as these colors please women the most.

As far as men are concerned, brown, grey, blue, and earthier tones appeal to them and stay steer clear of pink, red, green, and purple.


4.  Consider Age Bracket

Considering the age group of your target audience will help you dwell deeper into picking the right website color scheme. This is because a person’s color preferences evolve and change according to his age.

While blue and green are the favorite colors for the age group 0-18, yellow, black, and purple are more preferred colors in the age group 36-50. If your brand or product is dominated by a particular age group, choose your color wisely.


5.  Check Out What Your Competitor is Doing

I’m not saying you copy that color scheme your competitor is using, but it will give you a fair idea of what tonality, solidness, and family of colors to go for when picking the right color scheme for your website.

Or if you are one of those who loves to lead by example, go for extremely opposite colors to break the monotony and stereotype.


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It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what is the right color scheme for your website. You just need to tap into the human psychology behind colors and some research about your brand and you’re good to go. Alternatively, you can go about hiring a professional web design company to sort things up for you. Auxesis Infotech has been in the business of designing incredible websites for businesses across the globe. Their enviable portfolio speaks of their hold of the domain. There are plenty of projects up for designing and makeover into a visual spectacle, called website. Will yours be next?

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