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25 June, 2018

5 reasons why your business needs a responsive website

If you can recall the time when you try to access any website on phone and you end up getting that shrunken version which was not at all solving the purpose and you quit the page without browsing it.

And after that with the increased use of mobile phones in 2014 like 33% users which has been monitored to be 60% by 2016 of the worldwide population and expected to reach 75-80% by 2020, the need of mobile-friendly versions of the website has come up.

Earlier developers use to make more than one site with different URLs according to the devices, which was quite cumbersome and doesn’t fix the issue well. So later on a web designer, Ethan Marcotte coined this term responsive web design in 2010.

“Responsive web design offer you a way forward, finally allowing us to design for the ebb and flow things” –Ethan Marcotte

Now let’s talk here first of all what the heck is this responsive web design is?

Responsive Web Design(RWD) is a system which is created for a single website to behave well, no matter what the screen size is. So, a website which shows up and functions properly on any of the devices is it a desktop, or a laptop, or a tab or a mobile device, is called a responsive website.

Now we shall discuss why should you opt for responsive web design only when it comes to your business website.

5 Major reasons for you to have a responsive website are:

•    Anytime Access-

One of the foremost reason to use responsive web design is it guarantees the best experience possible of your website on any of the device, desktop, laptop, tab, mobile and the most consistent too. A responsive website makes the user experience smoother and increase the traffic on your website as people tend to use their smartphones more to access any website and being your business website a responsive one your chances to get business increases.

•    Google Recommendations-

So how it happened was, in 2015 Google has started rewarding the fully optimized sites for mobile devices in terms of ranking signals in search results, so like the business websites which are mobile friendly showing up above in the search results. And recently Google has gone one step further by making the search “mobile first” indexing strategies. All this shows up that if you have a responsive business website, your chances to top the search result in the google search is way higher than others who don’t.

•    Better reachability -

Well, it’s not compulsory that everyone owns a laptop or a desktop being enough expensive to afford by every other person but yes the smaller devices like smartphones and tabs are something people can afford and especially smartphones are the one which every second person owns these days. Being a responsive business website you can reach each and every prospect customer and spread your business growth opportunities in a broader way.

•    Time & Cost Effective-

A responsive website definitely saves time and cost as one doesn’t need to have separate URLs for different devices which will kill both time and money in getting prepared. Also on a responsive website, it is easy to manage or edit the content and you can choose the part of the content which is more important to show up in a mobile version which makes it easier for you to keep your audience involved and saves your capital and precious time.

•    Stay Ahead of competition-

Despite enough awareness, there are still 44% of fortune 500 companies which don’t have a responsive website which anyway increases your chances to end up leading the search result and increased the chance of the lead generation, sales, and conversion.

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To sum up I would like to write the final words as “To stay ahead stay updated” and current situation demand for a responsive website only, to lead the race. Auxesis Infotech has a list of satisfied clients served for responsive websites and you could be the next in the list. Contact us Now!!

why your business needs a responsive website, what the heck is this responsive web design is
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