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User Persona is the mirror to User Experience
30 July, 2019

User Persona is the mirror to User Experience

If you would have been a chemist shop owner selling medicines to your customers, would you not know by reading the prescriptions which medicine the latter is asking for? Has it ever happened that you end up providing the wrong medicines to your customers? Of course, if you have been into the profession, you do hold expertise in acknowledging what your customers seek for and what are they prescribed. You would make every sincere effort to hand them over with what they are there at your shop for or offering them an alternative for the same. Similarly, when a website becomes your catalogue of displaying your business to your audience you target, the foremost things to consider while making it is what is the business for and how is it going to be a source of utility for the ones experiencing it, that is the audience


Let’s Revise UX in a blink


User Experience is likely to be known by all by now, on this tech trending planet! The driving factor of the business lies only with the UX acting as the part and participle. When you understand your audience, you know it only through UX scores, as user experience is directly proportional to the satisfaction of the audience using your business products or services. The User Persona is a sapling of the UX who are the typical representative character or user belonging to a large number of users clubbing together to frame experience from the product. A user persona is an accomplished tool of UX which displays a 1 or 2-page personality details of an individual representing the group of users from the same kin and kind. 


User Persona is the Real Need


You must be tricked with a good question as to why is User Persona specifically discussed and what are its benefits? User Persona is one of the whole targeted groups you are going to design and draft for. For this, you need to understand the individual first, and then jump into the macro level of garnering good UX. You first need to understand the interests, aims, goals, objectives and motivations of the person or user in particular so that you get a better understanding of the market and evaluate the business trends, making it comprehensive for you to design and deliver at an expanded level with least errors to be mended. Once you gain imperative reference through user persona as to what and how they take things, you would realise how to begin and when to end.


Why does a Designer Befriend User Persona?


A designer must take an oath while pleasing the audience on a greater level where user experience comes as a blessing. There are advantages that user personas arrive with and some of them are delineated below:

Personas help to structure the business strategy by offering ideas where the designers understand how to stir the fonts, layouts, navigation, and motion together into a fine blend so that it gets distributed according to the convenience and concerns of the respective personas in particular and audience in generic.

Along with choice and desires of the users, the business objectives must also be brought under the limelight and cannot be sent to ignorant deliberation. That means the designers must take into prior both business needs and user assistance through elastic user validation.

The user personas bring the complex choices and considerations of the general audience or users in succinct explanations that it becomes comprehensive to deal with the needs by the designer/ designers by sharing a cordial network among each other throughout the project.

Personas always reflect the real user experience will and wisdom and not fictional affirmation. Moreover, user persona deal with current user experience and not the future user experience.

The user persona is conceptually based about the whole trend of user experience with valid records of research data on the background of the work. They identify and evaluate the research patterns and how the behavior of users fluctuate on a current research basis.

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It is all because of the conceptual and brilliantly designed tool called user personas which have acquired ideation and lucid forms of transforming complex user needs into simplest formulas. Designers now need not worry or suffer from brain strain!

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