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Video Marketing is the Business Wand
27 August, 2019

Is Video Marketing breezing over the digital world?

With the rise in time and trend, technology sees no bounds contemporarily! With all the latest moderations that are integrated by technology in business, bodies get its heads and tails through storytelling which is made possible through content expressed in the video. Videos have become the order of the day where every story is conveyed to the audience in synchronization from the beginning of a concept to its end decided by the content and designed by the expert hands of the designers who hold expertise in the same. The video is such an excerpt which holds both audio and visuals expressing an idea in an extroverted manner where it does not take time to load, is responsive (available in every manner of a device chosen), does not consume much time or effort and is also eye-friendly. The videos are the vital source of the crunchy concept expressed within a fraction of seconds and yet seem appealing to both the eyes and brains!


Why are Videos in the Air?


Videos are the best factor through which you can attain more and more conversions. They are simple, attractive, appealing, contain both visuals and sounds, do not take much time, are story-driven, express concepts outwardly and also make sense to all. Conversions can happen only happen when the videos engage the targeted audience. It has been seen that videos via LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook platforms where 80% of the audience engaged are likely to refer the product or services provided. Facebook demands a video for 1 minute, Twitter demands a video for 45 seconds, Instagram for 30 seconds and YouTube for 2 minutes.


Does Google Like Video Marketing?


Google backs the videos that you produce to engage your audience through titles, descriptions, and links to your website which will further appeal to your audience to proceed further to obtain the products or services that you aim to convey through the YouTube videos or any other platforms that you prefer to forward them at. You are always likely to get shown up first in ranks in search engines if you have videos uploaded in your website which engages the audience more than ever as they engage them the most!


Are People Video Oriented?


It has been observed that masses purchase smartphones more than the consumption of any other device. So, it means they have more access to mobile phones than any other device which engages them in YouTube and other social media platforms where you can reach out to them through videos where they are likely to inhibit interest towards your organization services or products. No matter which means you adapt, videos would always be the best medium through which you can convey your message to your targeted audience via social media platforms as they hold both graphic and content connecting the audience with the business emotionally and aesthetically.


Do Videos make Conversions easy?


The more audience you can engage through the videos, the more profit you earn! Do I make sense? It means that people are likely to scroll by, and stop as soon as a video pops up! The reason is that people are lazy or too busy to open content and read it thoroughly in both the cases but when it comes to the video, they are likely to engage and also understand what has been stated through the information that is provided by the same. Every video upload has a story behind its creation and video marketing has made it possible to get it straight to the audience through accessible social platforms.


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The most essential part to end in video marketing is that it not only consists of the content curated in a story format, but a recital of the story and the visuals or graphics make it easier for people to grasp the whole meaning out of the story that relies on the company's services or products. Not only the aforementioned but a video making consists of a call to action which brings the masses to you creates referrals through impressions (likes, comments and shares) and also converts them for revenue returns.

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