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7 Web App Development Trends Every Business Should Know in 2020
25 November, 2019

7 Web App Development Trends Every Business Should Know in 2020

In this fast-growing digital world, thousands of websites and web apps are added every day to intensify the competition. An owner of a successful business website or better says a developer always looking for future trends and changes to be the best in the industry while being successful in the present. As the ever-changing digital world comes with different trends every year, the opportunity to rise and to be the best from the competitor increases. In this post, we are going to talk about those trends that are going to be there for web app development in the year 2020. So. let’s unveil the list of 2020 web development trends together.


  • BlockChain

Undoubtedly, BlockChain has been one of the major influences on mobile app development for a long time and will continue to be like that in the year 2020. Unlike some technologies, the integration of BlockChain is slower but despite that, businesses have accepted it as a powerful tool for transactions in the form of virtual wallets. BlockChain is not just restricted to finance, it also includes cover security and manufacturing. There are a number of e-commerce websites that have incorporated this technology to gain advantages. 


  • Voice Search

In recent times, the voice search is one of the most-loved technologies in smartphones. And for a fact, this technology will continue to be appreciated by users in the coming years. And if your web application is going to be on the floor in 2020, then make sure that supports the digital voice assistant. 


  • Wearables

Wearable technology is a blessing for us, indeed! And such is its popularity that it is still rising. Major app developers like Apple and Uber are focusing more on smartwatches technology. For a fact, wearable app integration is the main factor to achieve this technology. 


  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two sides of a coin; they go hand-in-hand. Both together have given a new dimension to web development. Business organizations, both small and large, understand the need for having AI and ML for any digital transformation. A number of recent studies even revealed that by the start of 2020, the industry of AI and ML is expected to witness a growth of 20 - 30%. This gives a clear view of the dominance of both artificial intelligence and machine learning in web development. 


  • Chatbots

Believe it or not, the advent of chatbots created a sensation in the present digital world. For a fact, they are created with the technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning. And there is no need to explain how chatbots actually work. There will be a huge demand for chatbots in web development in the year 2020. This is one of the best ways for any organization to engage and transform social interaction. 


  • Motion UI

Motion UI is one of the most appealing and enticing tools that support transition and animation in web development. And to your surprise, it is going to be a big thing in the year 2020 in the space of web development. As per a survey, 36% of people (out of all participated in the survey) said that Motion UI is going to be an important web development tren in 2019. The stats of the survey is turned out to be true as it has indeed become one of the major trends in the present scene of website development.


  • Single Page Application

A single page application works inside a web browser, hence, it doesn’t include any reloading time. Most of the apps built in the present time are single-page applications. From less reloading time to a simple user interaction process, single page application has its own benefits. It is indeed a great choice for creating responsive websites that support mobile applications.


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With this, I hope you will be able to get an idea of upcoming trends and technologies for web app development in 2020. If you want to know more about these emerging trends and technologies, connect with Auxesis Infotech as we are experts in mobile app development and have years of experience in the industry, and hence, can best answer your query. 

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