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Why Your Brand Needs a Mobile App?
11 November, 2019

Why Your Brand Needs a Mobile App?

Are you amongst those who visit websites to shop, book tickets, order food, or even recharge your phone? I know, what you must be thinking now, why do we need to do all these stuff from websites when we can do it from apps, right? And that’s where this blog begins! 

Let’s take our minds back in time; not so far - 2009 would be perfect. Back then when Facebook was a trend, everyone found a way to stay connected with our dear ones. And the Facebook website for us (back then) was the fastest and the perfect way of messaging, isn’t it? And let’s admit it also that we never thought of something else that could be faster than the Facebook website. But, it was when Facebook itself launched its app in 2011, we came to realize that we don’t have to spend our entire internet on Facebook when the same thing can be done using the official app (if you remember, the internet during that time was not at all cheap and fast as compared to now). 

Over the years, the need for having a business mobile app has increased significantly. It gives businesses a chance to connect with their end-users in a better way than the websites. Not just this, an app is also easier to use than a website. Let’s now get a brief insight into why a brand needs a mobile app?


Customer Expectations are Shifting

There is no denying that customer expectations change constantly. They demand convenience. In addition, they also want their experiences with the company to be hassle-free. And if a brand does not have a mobile application, then definitely it is a mission out a lot in order to connect with the users. 


Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Mobile App 

In case if you are still not convinced or sure why your brand actually needs a mobile, then these points will help you somewhere to make a decision.

  • To Create a Direct Marketing Channel

An app includes everything; from general info to prices to offers to booking options, literally everything! And push notifications takes you to a step ahead to the direct interactions. All this help a brand to establish a lasting impact of the products and services in the minds of their customers. This work nothing but as a direct marketing channel for a business. 

  • To Increase Visibility

It is an unhidden fact that we spend more time on our mobile devices than laptops. In a mobile device of a user, you can find plenty of applications. And to reach one application, a user has to scroll and scan their device. Being in the way can be beneficial for your brand. If nothing, your brand logo can be recorded in the minds of users. 

  • To Build Brand and Recognition

An app can help you build the brand value of your business. Unlike in website development, you get the freedom to develop an app according to your imagination. You can make an app stylish, functional, appealing, and informative at the same time. But, you also have to make sure that you develop an app that is not just appealing and enticing to use but is well branded and beautifully designed. Recognition, on the other hand, comes as more and more people involved with your app. 

  • To Improve Customer Engagement

Businesses often see mobile apps as a way to engage more and more customers with the brand. It doesn’t matter in which business you are, having a chat/messaging option in your app will help you to establish direct contact with customers. This point can be best understood with an example - you have a restaurant that allows customers to book a table beforehand but for that, they need to call at your restaurant first. An app here can cut shot this long process into short - all your app needs to have is ‘Book a Table’ option and with just 4-5 taps, a customer is ready to visit your restaurant without even making a call to you. Accept the fact that not all people prefer to call, instead, they can surely book a table from the app. 

  • To Give Value to Customers

Agree or not, but it matters how much you value your customers. With your mobile app, you can provide the best value to your customers by offering them reward points, special offers & discounts, and more. You can also give reward points to new users as a token to associate with your brand. 

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Why Mobile App Is Needed Along With A Good Website?

The website is indeed the mainstay of your business but adding a mobile app to it would definitely be a great profit for your brand. Besides, to build a mobile application of your dream, you can connect Auxesis Infotech. We are one of the leading mobile app developers that aim to deliver the best to their customers.

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