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How to Choose The Right Font For Your Design?
21 July, 2020

A Designer's Guide to How To Pick Fonts - Tips and Principles

Choosing the right font for your website can be an exhilarating task. But when you get it right, typography can be powerful and beneficial in many ways. Whether you want an appealing and bold layout with impact or subtle and simple design, there are similar rules that designers must look to follow when choosing a font. But, at the same time, the decision of how to pick a font for a design project is less about following some specific guidelines or steps, and more about providing the right feel for the design project. 

So, for every designer, here are some principles and tips to choose a font that suits best to a particular design project and give a website more value. 

Think About Personality

Personality is probably the most important aspect of the process of how to pick a font. The typefaces that you are thinking of choosing to create the mood and impression of your design project for users. There are two ways to decide the typeface:

  1. Choose a typeface that suits the mood that you want to create with the design. 
  2. You can also pick a neutral typeface and allow the rest of the design to set the project’s personality. 

It is important to understand that all the font aspects ranging from the size and shape of letters to italics, bold, and capital, all contribute to making the personality of typefaces. 

Think of Using a Pair of Fonts

Surely, you are not thinking of completing a design project with just one type of font. Most projects include two typefaces - one for large elements like headlines and another for the main body text. Select a pair of typefaces that suit well together to make the right feel for the project. What should be the combination of both typefaces, well, that’s a question? You have to make sure that one font should have a strong personality, whereas, another font must be on a neutral side.

Keep Readability in Mind

Readability basically signifies for fonts that are easy to read. Now choosing a font also include the aspect of its readability. How easy is your selected font to read? If it is taking time to read and understand the meaning of a letter because of its appearance in the design, then the font is not highly readable. It is admissible to use decorative fonts in some cases, like for a short headline, but if they are hard to read, then there will be a problem in conveying your message to readers. 

Match Your Brand and Tone

It is important to know that the font you’re using in your design project should fall in those guidelines of your brand or style guide. It includes having a good combination of both style and personality of the brand. Brand guidelines often have a font guide of what you can use. However, the major thing to consider is to check your brand guidelines before even selecting the font type from the font guide. It ensures that all guidelines are being followed considering your brand.

Choose High Function Font

This is a basic yet one of the most important tips to choose a font. It is very important to select a font that is readable and functional in all the ways you are considering to use it. This clearly means that the fonts that you are going to use must go equally well everywhere, be it web projects, digital publishing, and print projects. 

Be Wary of Wild or Trendy Options

Without a doubt, most design projects require some longevity. So, it is important to have those typefaces that are profitable in the long run as a part of your UI/UX design services. Trendy options can quickly adapt your design project whereas, the wild options best work for one design element. 

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Mixing and matching fonts in the process of choosing the best font type is indeed a lot of fun and bring life to your design project. If you are a firm and looking to outsource designing services, Auxesis Infotech is the best bet. With years of experience as a leading digital agency, we offer creative solutions to our clients. For that, we have a team of creative designers who always aim to bring the best out of themselves to deliver the most effective solution to clients. 

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