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What Business Value Does UX Design Holds?
2 July, 2020

What All You Need To Know About The Business Value of UX Design

Customer experience is the core of the success of any business. When you rightly take care of your customers, they come back to you again to purchase a product or even they are willing to pay extra for your services. In other words, customer satisfaction is the key to revenue. 

But what companies ignore is the fact that its user experience (UX) that supports customer satisfaction. It is because the customers are sitting behind the screens of mobile phones or laptops. When customers have a bad experience on your website because of the poor UX design, then you are more likely to lose them. 

Such is the value of UX design on your website that 90% of users have stated they leave a website or stop using an app if it has a poor performance. In this, we will learn the business value of UX design in business. 

Why Is Good UX Important?

The importance of UX design can be seen best when it successfully meet the needs of every user visiting on an application or website. It basically aims to satiate the user’s requirement by providing an overall positive experience. This allows you to ensure that a user remains loyal to your brand and keep coming back. Such is the business value of UX that allows you to states user journeys and furthermore discover the most favorable and profitable one. 

UX Experience Meets Business Value

When you are operating digitally, your design solution and the strategy should work together to achieve a common business goal of the organization. For that, you first need to have the answer to the most important question - what do I want to achieve with this application or website?

UX is all about being customer-centric and focusing more on the needs of users. After all, that is what you want to achieve - provide users with the solutions that they love. It somewhere defines the business value of UX design. But despite the concept of the importance of UX design being so clear, most businesses do not want to provide a great user experience to their customers. It is because they want to operate a profitable and efficient business. Even if they choose to invest in user experience, they just want business results. At the end of the day, these organizations look for what is good for their business. 

UX Helps You Achieve Business Goal

Indeed, UX design can grow your business. When a user visits your website or app, there are certain tasks that you want them to complete successfully. The actions that you want them to perform support your business goals. It could be anything from creating an account to purchasing a product to signing up for a newsletter. This is the part where a great UX can help you make them successfully complete the desire actions. Poor user experience will not convince users to perform any desire action. 

The role of a UI/UX design services is to help users what they want. User experience brings research and logic skills together with the knowledge of human psychology. Now, this can certainly help you know how to design in order to get the desired result.

How to Measure The Business Value of UX?

In business, decisions are often made on the basis of data. It helps decision-makers to take critical decisions on the basis of statistical numbers and facts. Data is also the important aspect in the case of defining the business value of UX. Through the data of the increased key metrics, you can know the business value of UX. 

The Process of Investing in UX

UX design can grow your business but only when you know the right phase to invest in it. It is always a good strategy to invest in UX in the early stage of product development. While creating a product, if you are not focusing on usability and user needs, then there are greater chances that your product will not perform the way you want it to perform. This is the time when you will have to again spend time and money to fix and rework the product. 

Therefore, UX should be counted as an investment in a company early in the stage of development. This will also reduce the cost and time of fixing UX issues. It takes around $1 to fix a UX issue during the design process. However, if you choose to fix the same issue during the development process, it would cost 5X more whereas, if you are thinking of dealing with after the product release, then it would cost 30X more. Since you’re investing a huge amount on software or website development, it is good to invest in UX design as well.

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If you haven’t included the aspect of UX in your app or website, it is high time you think about it. You can also hire a professional UI/UX design company to help you with a particular project. Auxesis Infotech carries a rich experience and has all the in-house creative minds to provide exceptional UX/UI design services to clients.

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