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8 UX Design Questions That You’ll Be Asked In An Interview
30 June, 2020

A Guide to The Most Important UX Design Interview Questions

Just imagine, wouldn’t it be stress-relieving if you know what all questions will be asked to you in your next UX design interview? Indeed! Once you have the list of UX designer interview questions, it will be easy for you to be prepared for the interview. 

However, this entire situation sounds more like a dream. Some interviews are more like friendly casual chats whereas, some interviews are intense and long-lasting. Different techniques are used by different interviewers use but the end goal, i.e., to hire the best UX designer is the same for all. 

This post is for all the UX designers who want to ace the interview in any given situation. So, here are some most-asked interview questions for UX designers. 

Note - These UX designer interview questions are asked in most cases but not in all. Hence, do not rely completely on this. 

  • Tell Us About Yourself

This is the most common question asked in every interview. But this is more to it. They ask more - Why UX design? What led you here? What experience you have had so far? How you discover your passion for UX?

Now, take this opportunity to introduce yourself and share your story. Keep this in mind that the interviewer is interested in knowing your journey to becoming a UX designer. Hence, try to keep your answer and story as relevant as possible. This is one of the most important UX designer interview tips to answer this question. 

  • What’s The Value of UX Design

This is indeed one of the most important questions that will give the interviewer an idea about how much you actually know about your field of expertise. A majority of designers will just give a textbook definition as an answer to this question. But make sure you don’t the same mistake. The question isn’t what you are seeing, but it is about whether or not you know and understand what UX design is. One of the most effective UX designer interview tips to answer this question is to imagine explaining UX design to people with different degrees of knowledge.

  • What’s Your Workflow?

If you have asked this question in a UX interview, then it is important to know that you don’t just have to talk about your workflow. In reality, the interviewer wants to know about - how do you solve your problem? Are you user-focused all the time? Well, there is not a fixed standard for the answer to this question and there is nothing as the wrong answer in this case. Every UX designer has his/her own way to work with no same methods and strategies. In this case, the interviewer just wants to know whether or not you have a clear approach to your work. 

  • Do You Consider Yourself a Team Player?

This is the part where you will say yes to the interviewer. But, actually, what they want to ask you is that - Will you work with UI designers, developers, and product owners? Are you open to ideas and feedback? It is important from your side to understand that UX designing is teamwork. It is a group effort, and hence, the interviewer wants to be assured that you can work in a team and collaborate. 

  • Tell About Your Most Successful UX Design Project

Amongst all those interview questions for UX designers, this is the most UX-specific way of knowing your strengths and weaknesses. If the interviewer wants to know about all your successful projects, he is looking to determine where your strength lies. Now talking about how to answer it, talk about your most successful project why it was successful. Also, tell him what strength of yours did the entire project draw upon. 

  • How Do Your Practice Universal Design?

As a UX designer, it is your responsibility to make products and experiences as easy and accessible as possible. And to know that, the interviewer will ask you this question. By asking this question, the interviewer, in reality, wants to know about whether or not you are clued up on inclusive UX. In addition, this question is also asked to know whether you know how to design for ‘All’ users. 

  • What Do You Think What Will Be The Next Big Trend in UX Design

In an interview to hire the best UI/UX design services, do not just expect to be asked questions that define your experience and knowledge. The interviewer can also your opinion on anything related to your field of expertise because all he/she wants to know about is your passion for UX by asking this question.

  • How Would You Improve The UX Of Our Product

This is the question that could actually leave you intimidated while answering the question. But what interviewer really wants to know is - Do you know about the company? Do you have unique ideas to lift the UX? But this is also a great opportunity to show what you have researched about the country and what you know about it. During that, you can also tell the interviewer about your thought of how you can add value. 

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So this was all about - 8 important UX design interview questions that you’ll be most likely to ask. How you approach each of these questions isn’t a thing to worry about, but how you discuss the process is important. Now, talking about us, Auxesis Infotech 

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