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What You Need to Know About the Wearable Healthcare Technology
25 June, 2020

An Insight Into The Wearable Healthcare Technology

Undoubtedly, wearable technology has taken the fitness industry to new standards. Those smartwatches and fitness bands are the mainstream in the present time. With the increasing demand of customers wanting to monitor their health, the use of wearable technology in the healthcare industry has increased in the past few years. A study has revealed that more than 80% of consumers are willing to wear fitness technology. 

In this post, we will learn more about it and the future of wearable technology in the healthcare industry.

What is Wearable Healthcare Technology?

Wearable technology is basically a general term that is used to describe a group of devices such as fitness trackers and smartwatches. Such devices are designed to be worn out for an entire day. They are often called wearables for short. Over the past few years, wearables have become increasingly popular amongst health and fitness lovers. A wearable gadget works like a wearable health care application that collects the data of users’ personal health and exercise. The technology has come so far that the latest ones can actually connect with other devices like smartphones and computers.

Types of Wearable Technology in Healthcare Industry

  • Real-time Health Monitoring Using Wearable Sensor

The rapid growth in technology in the last few years has remarkably increased the scope of remote health monitoring. Real-time health monitoring is very much important. It supports two-way communication between patient and doctor. The prime purpose of these health monitoring systems is to deliver the latest healthcare information. The system has two interfaces - one for the patient and another one for the doctor. The interface for patients includes wearable sensors that take medical information of the patients and transfer it to an Android-based listening port via Bluetooth low energy. The port then transmits the information to a web server which processes the information to the doctor’s interface.

  • Fitness Wearables

Fitness wearable is probably the most popular type of wearable technology in the healthcare industry. These devices help people sticking on to their resolutions and also achieving success in them. Fitness wearable devices are basically known for monitoring and tracking the fitness-related metrics of an individual like that of calorie0 intake, distance run or walked, quality of sleep, and heartbeat. A fitness wearable device can also be called a wearable healthcare application. The device is synced wirelessly to a smartphone or a computer for the real-time tracking of health data.

  • Wearables in Elderly Care

The name itself suggests that this type of wearables are for elderly people. Since the aged people are more prone to health-related issues as compared to other groups of people, the wearables for them come in different types. One is Smart Glasses - they help elderly people to manage their failing eyesight. An advanced smart glass system not just can provide information about a setting but it can also provide facial recognition of a person in front of it.

  • Chronic Diseases Prevention Using Wearables

Chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes, and chronic pain are some major health issues a lot of people face in the present time. There are wearable devices that monitor the condition of chronic disease patients. The device communicates with a smartphone app developed by a mobile app development company using wireless technology. This type of wearables can track users’ respiratory patterns, heartbeat, body temperature, cough rate, and the forerunner symptoms of chronic disease.

What’s The Future of Wearable Technology in Healthcare?

Talking about the future of wearable technology in the healthcare industry, well, the technology is surging at a great pace. In the coming years, its maturation is expected to put this technology in the hands of all people. Not just this, the technology is also expected to influence the decision of health providers, insurers, and organizations to make the most of these wearable health monitoring devices. On a personal level, the technology will surely reduce hospital visits of users and will also ensure good personal health and lifestyle.

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