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17 October, 2018

Biggest challenges faced by graphic designers in today’s economy.

As a profession, graphic designing has become one of the most appealing career choices for today’s youth. A large number of people are enrolling in this profession every year. Like every profession, graphic designing also has its own charm. It allows one to explore creativity, flexibility and artistry excitement.
If we talk about the present scenario, there are more than two lakhs graphic designer in the world. But, as there is a rise in the number of graphic designers, there is a sharp decline in employment opportunities due to oversaturation in the industry. Graphic designers are facing a large number of obstacles to reach the road of their success. Check out the below-listed challenges faced by graphic designers in today’s economy.

1.    “Designers” here and there -

With a large number of people opting the profession of the graphic designer, it’s not surprising that it is giving birth to oversaturation. This oversaturation leads to high competition in the job market. Moreover, a majority of individuals are ready to take up projects and work at a low price which is affecting the value of the work.


2.    Staying Updated-

It is another big challenge faced by graphic designers. To survive in this cut-throat competition, they need to stay updated with current market trends. It is not only the designer who faces difficulties, but organizations also have a tough time updating their system and work culture to provide graphic designer a state of art environment with latest tool and technologies.


3.    The rise of Freelancers -

In this digital world, organizations have also become more practical to hire a designer on a project basis instead of full time. The increase of freelancing is shrinking the opportunities for new designers in the traditional full-time employment.


4.    Time Management with creativity-

A graphic designer’s creative imagination makes him/her stand out in the crowd. While it is vital to be creative, designers need to ensure that they balance the time spent on the project with the quoted price.


5.    Balancing the thought process with work-

Once you get a project, the numbers of ideas are hitting your mind. To find the right one and convert it into a design is not an easy task. However, it’s wonderful that the world now understands graphic designing in a bigger context, but we can’t ignore the unique facets of the design beneath it.


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In the end, diversify your skills where possible and look at opportunities for massive growth.

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