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The Future of E-commerce - Top 5 Development Trends That Will Be Big in 2021
8 December, 2020

E-commerce Development Trends to Look Out For in 2021

In this digital world, it is almost pretty much clear how important an e-commerce website is for a retail business. Whether you want to build an online marketplace now or next year or in the distant future, the importance of online shopping is going to be the same. And when it comes to building an online store, there are a lot of efforts that go in right from planning and researching to finding the right e-commerce development agency to following the latest trends to build an e-commerce website. Since we have already covered the “how to find the best e-commerce development agency in 2021” in our last post, it’s the “top e-commerce development trends in 2021” that all you just need to know in order to create an exceptional online store in 2021. So, in this post, we will be giving you an insight into the e-commerce development trends that will hold huge importance in 2021. 

Omnichannel Shopping

In case you don’t know, omnichannel shopping is basically a multichannel approach to sell goods and services. This approach mainly focuses on providing a flawless user experience irrespective of the fact that whether the user is shopping online from a laptop, mobile device, or offline from a brick-and-mortar store. This means if you have an online store for your e-commerce business, it will also be important to have an offline store if you aim to provide a seamless shopping experience to your customers. 

Voice Commerce

Well, the talks of voice commerce have been going around for quite a few years. And it’s no hidden secret that still not all e-commerce businesses have adopted this technology. But the ones who already have are making the most beneficial use of voice commerce to provide a great customer experience. In simple terms, the popularity of voice technology and smart speakers are increasing at a great pace. This new way of shopping is certainly preferred by a majority of users as it is easy, quick, and convenient. 

Social Commerce

Just like voice e-commerce, social commerce will be one of the most popular e-commerce development trends in 2021. Wondering what’s social commerce is? You must have seen those product selling ads and listings on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, well, that’s called social commerce. In the present time, shoppers are open to having an integrated shopping experience on social media platforms as they get the opportunity to grab the best deals on their choice of products. 

Mobile Shopping

Well, yes, mobile shopping was always a hot e-commerce trend but it will continue to be the same in 2021. Everything in this digital world is mobile dominant. It’s obvious, mobile devices give users an on-the-go experience for almost everything, be it ticket booking, gaining information, streaming movies, or even shopping. Hence, customers prefer mobile shopping over shopping through their PCs or laptops as mobile allows them to shop even while traveling. Furthermore, an e-commerce website that provides a seamless experience on both desktop and mobile devices are known to be on the competitive edge and derive huge revenues. 

Visual Commerce

Many big brands such as Bose are following the trend of Visual Commerce to effectively sell their products. Just to let you know, under visual commerce, imagery is used to create lure users to interact and engage. It is important to know that the approach of visual commerce is not just used in product pages, but the entire e-commerce store. In order to make the most of this trend, it is also crucial to use 360-degree images and videos on your products. Along with that, bring in the visual search tool to allow your users to search a product/s using images. 

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With that being said, we come to the end of this guide to top e-commerce development trends to look out for in 2021. Now, these trends can only be incorporated into your online store with the help of professional e-commerce development services. Talking about that, Auxesis Infotech is a highly-rated e-commerce development agency with years of experience working in the industry. 

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