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An Ultimate List of New Design Tools to Use in May 2020
4 May, 2020

Exciting New Design Tools For Designers in May 2020

Currently, there is a lot happening in the world with all this COVID-19 situation. All businesses and all sectors have highly affected, but the design community is doing their bit to keep designers happy and engaged. They have come up with some exciting design tools that you should look to use in the month of May 2020. 

Scroll down to the end of this blog post to know what is new for all the designers in the month of May 2020. 

  • Virtual Events For Developers

Virtual Events For Developers is one of the best tools for web designers and developers to use in May 2020. This tool can be used even while staying at home. All all the in-person events may have been canceled, but this tool still offers a number of opportunities for all the budding designers and developers to grow their skills. With this tool, you can stay connected with the design/development community. 

  • Snapfont

Being one of the most interesting web design tools, Snapfont allows designers to test any font on any website. The tool allows you to see the difference between headline and body fonts to know how a website would function or look. It also provides a live testing opportunity before even proceeding with the new font choices. Comparing to all the other web design tools, the best thing about Snapfont is that it supports all Google Fonts.

  • Faux Code Generator

Yet another best web design software that you should look to use in May 2020, even while staying at home. The Faux Code Generator helps you covert the real code into a faux code in the SVG image form. All you are required to do is paste in the URL and thereafter, pick a theme and create your code.

  • StockSolo

Though Stocksolo was released in February, still there are many designers who don’t know about it. And this is the perfect time to know about it. For a fact, StockSolo is a plugin for best web design tools - Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, XD, and Illustrator. The plugin helps designers to bring stock photos to a panel in the native application. This tool has more than 3 million photos to choose from different platforms like Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels. 

  • Circle Swap Photo Gallery

Circle Swap Photo Gallery is another one of those interesting tools for web designers to use in May 2020. This tool is a fun pen that uses GSAP and React to swap images. In this tool, the images are swapped in a gallery with the help of a nifty circle animated action. It works in a way where the circle pops to center then rotates and displays a new image.

  • Color Push

Ever heard of WeTransfer? Well, Color Push is a part of WeTransfer. It uses color and movement that helps designers to create art. With this best web design software, you can create a piece within just 90 seconds with Color Push. Not just this, this tool also allows you to download your piece. 

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We are very much sure that with these new design tools, your time in May 2020 is sorted. Besides, these best web design tools will also help you gain some additional knowledge and information about the art of designing. If you want to know about Auxesis Infotech, well, we are a noted web design and development company. We have served more than hundreds of clients with our exceptional website design services and have delivered them with the best solution.

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