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Growth Marketing - The Most Effective Marketing Model For Startups
28 June, 2020

Growth Marketing For Startups: Scale Your Way to the Top

In this world of stiff competition, it can be difficult for any company to stand out. As they say, a product can be extraordinary with a stellar marketing approach. To break through the noise, it is important to have an effective marketing strategy that is not just creative, but also compelling and iterative. For scaling your business, the strategy should not only focus on customer acquisition but also supports the organic growth of your business. 

Growth marketing is a new and powerful way of not just building a loyal customer base but also scaling your business. If you are new to your business, this type of marketing is best to solve the concern of how to scale up a startup

Let’s have a look at what growth marketing is all about and how it impacts the growth of a startup business. 

What is Growth Marketing?

Growth Marketing can be defined as a new way of marketing or modern marketing. It takes the model of traditional marketing and includes layers to it such as value-additive blog posts, A/B testing, SEO optimization, email marketing, SEO optimization, and technical analysis. The insights found out from these strategies are implemented to achieve sustainable growth of the business.

What Makes Growth Marketing Different?

Just to let you know, growth marketing uses a set of tools to drive growth and traffic to your website. The model is also known as the marketing mix model strategy. 

Talking about what makes it different from traditional marketing, well, traditional marketing includes the concept of ‘set it and forget it’. A traditional marketing strategy is all about setting up a budget, implementing the solution, and hoping for the best. This marketing model can be beneficial to build traffic to the top of a sales funnel or to increase a company’s awareness and user acquisition. Growth marketing, on the other hand, goes beyond the top of the sales funnel. If you are looking for the answer to how to scale up a startup, then make sure your entire growth marketing model is done right. It is only when the marketing funnel will add value to your business by luring new customers, engaging them, turning them, and finally retaining them. 

Growth Marketing vs Growth Hacking

If you have ever heard of the concept of growth marketing, then you must be aware of the fact that both terms ‘growth marketing’ and ‘growth hacking’ are used interchangeably. However, there is a subtle difference between both roles in many organizations. 

Growth hackers are the expert consultants that aim to solve a specific problem. They are hired for their services often on a small budget. However, they are responsible for delivering creative solutions for those tough problems. For any growth hacker, speed is very much important to work on growth hacking strategies. 

On the other hand, growth marketers are known to take time to deliver their services. They follow a proper process of strategizing and implementing the solutions. 

For better understanding, growth hacks for startups or experienced organizations can be seen as akin to trading in the stock market. Whether you are looking for growth hacks for startups or the well-established firms, the fact is, it is not a long-term thing. Surely, you can make a profit with growth hacking but it cannot be stable for a long time. 

Whereas, the growth marketing process is known to distil the effective attributes of growth hacking into a sustainable practice. This means that growth marketing is the exact opposite of growth hacking. The concept of growth marketing is a long-term investment that is based on data-driven metrics.

What Are the Elements of Growth Marketing?

Let’s have a look at some of the most effective elements of growth marketing: 

  • Performance Marketing

Once a startup has reached its market, it is important to run online ads, track, and analyze the data obtained from various sources. Tracking and optimizing has to be a continuous process to create a path to achieve the desired results. 

  • Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Marketing always plays an important role in growth marketing and growth hacking strategies. Social media brings content and performance marketing together on the same page in order to provide one-stop solutions for business engagement. With so many social media platforms, a startup has to only choose out of them to promote their business through online marketing services

  • Content and SEO Marketing

Content and SEO are two sides of the same coin. Content is said to be the driving force behind any organic marketing strategy. High-quality optimized content ensures to keep traffic incoming and ongoing on a website. Also, your content will rank higher on search engines if it is of high quality and is optimized. 

  • Video Marketing

Video Marketing can be used as a separate marketing strategy or can be a part of content marketing. Conveying information through visuals has been an effective way in the past decade. You can run video ads to promote your business and to bring customer engagement. 

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At this time, growth marketing might seem a bit complicated to understand. But when to invest a little more time in understanding the concept, surely, you will know everything about it. And if you have understood the concept and are looking to make use of growth marketing, connect with Auxesis Infotech. Being a noted digital marketing and web development agency, we have a proven record in delivering the best web and digital solutions to our clients. 

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