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Use Content to Create a Great User Experience
6 October, 2020

How Good Content Can Influence Great User Experience

Gone is the time when creating a great user experience was just about flawless design. Today, in order to create an exceptional user experience, it is important that both the creative team and content curator work together. It’s no hidden secret that content, images, and videos together can influence a reader’s attention. It is important to have a goof UX content strategy to create a great user experience. In this post, we will talk about the importance of content strategy in UX. So. let’s get started. 

Why a Good Content Strategy Is Important For UX

A bad content strategy can never deliver a great user experience. But the question is how will you determine whether the content is bad or good? Your content must have a structure and all the information that a user needs. Such type of content is considered to be good content that drives the user experience. 

How You Can Achieve Great UX With Good Content

Let’s now have a look at how you can walk the path to good UX by making your content great. 

Re-Examine Your Current Content

In order to make sure that whether or not your site is conveying the best user experience, examine every piece of your content that supports user experience. If your UX content is not living up to the standards, then redo it. 

Find Our Your End-Users

It is important to know your users inside and out. If you don’t know who your target users are, how you can deliver a great user experience? The outsourced UI/UX design services can help you find your end-users. 

Balance the Exciting With The Familiar

As per many reports, new visitors on a website build a perception about the website based on its prototypicality (comparison of a website with others in its category) and visuality. This entire perception happens in just 50 milliseconds. Surely, novelty appeals to different parts of our brain that create a stronger interest and better engagement. However, if a prototypicality is influence user impressions, then you should have a balance of both novelty and prototypicality. 

Put Some Restriction On Choice And Minimize Distraction

It is important to limit your choice. For that, limit yourself to a single topic within each content piece. This actually helps to create great content that drives the user experience. When you give multiple topics to readers with different choices, you divert their attention from the main takeaway from the article. Also, limit the number of content pieces that you are presenting on your website at a given time. If the landing page of your blog scrolls on and on or your video library showcase dozens of videos at once, then make sure you scale back the options shown upfront. This will help you increase your on-page engagement rate. 

Give Users a Starting Point

Such is the importance of content strategy in UX that defines the starting point of your website. You have to tell users where to begin exploring your website content. If your website is not making the advantage of these features, add one or more features to determine where the problem lies and what pieces of content will resolve the issue. Do not rely on that users will figure out the way on their own. You have to take the responsibility to show them the way in order to provide a great user experience.

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Indeed, a good content can help you achieve many benefits for your website, a great user experience is one of them. So, this is all about good content is good UX. Now, if you are looking for professional content marketing services to help you create a great user experience, you can consider Auxesis Infotech as your best bet. We boast years of experience as a leading digital agency and have professional experts to deliver the best solution to client. 

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