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A Comprehensive Guide to How to Use Instagram For Business
14 June, 2020

How to Leverage Instagram For Your Business: A Marketing Guide

In the present time, there are plenty of ways to market your business, Instagram being one of them. Just to let you know, over 25 million organizations worldwide are using Instagram for their business. Not just this, more than 200 million users visit at least one business profile every day. 

Instagram is also known as “the new home for brands”. If you know how to use Instagram for business, it can do wonders for your business. The engagement is one important aspect for which people are using Instagram for their business. In addition, it also helps organizations to increase brand loyalty and also to achieve their business goals. 

Therefore, if you are looking to leverage the power of Instagram for your business, here is the step-to-step guide to help set up an Instagram business account and make the most out of it for your business. 

  • Step 1: Get An Instagram Account

Obviously, you cannot start an Instagram campaign for your business without an account. Hence, the first thing you should consider is to set up an Instagram business account. Whether you are creating an account or already have one, make sure to convert it to a business account. It is important to switch to a business account if you are making a corporate account to reach a wider mass of audience. Along with that, if you are new to this social media platform and wondering how to use Instagram for business purposes, well, it’s pretty simple. You follow profiles that are of your interest and vice versa. Along with that, you share posts just like any other social media platform. 

  • Step 2: Create a Winning Instagram Strategy 

You cannot win your customers or create brand loyalty without an award-winning strategy. You cannot just post any content like this - you have to follow a proper strategy for that. The question here is - what all points you should consider to include in your strategy? The first and foremost thing to consider is to define your target audience. Thereafter, set goals and objectives on which your entire strategy will revolve around. The right performance metrics is also one of the most important Instagram tips for a business. Throughout the strategy, make sure you follow a regular posting schedule.

  • Step 3: Optimize Your Profile

I’ll be honest here, creating an account, and implementing the strategy isn’t just enough to promote your business on Instagram. Without optimizing your account, you won’t be able to make it that far. But the question here is - how can you optimize your Instagram profile? 

Firstly, update your bio. Instagram allows users to add bio with as much as 150 characters. But that’s enough to make one scroll down to your profile. You can include hashtags, try emoji, and can use spacing & line breaks in the bio section. 

Along with that, optimize your profile pic. It is best if you use a logo-like profile picture to promote your business on Instagram. Use the same picture on other social platforms as well. It helps users to instantly identify your brand with just one sight. For businesses, while using Instagram for their business, it is important to carry a complete business profile with name, username, and website. Instagram also has some amazing features for businesses like contact information, category, and call-to-action button. 

  • Step 4: Share Great Content

Evidently, sharing great content is important for every business. But what does great content mean? A post has to be visually aesthetically pleasing for your brand. Besides, it is also important to have a recognizable visual identity. Think about what you will showcase in your posts. If you offer some services, showcase customer stories or you can showcase the behind the scenes to your office life or introduce your people (who make your organization work together) to the public. 

Photos say a lot more than words. Hence, including high-quality and amazing photos in your content will be a great move to reach a wider audience. It’s better if you click photos by yourself with a good camera. Along with that, edit the photos like a professional. Once you have a well-edited high-quality photo with you, publish it with great content either on the Instagram story or your post feed. Posting content with a compelling caption is probably one of the most common yet important Instagram tips for a business you head from experts. Yet, many times it is often ignored. 

  • Step 5: Grow and Engage Your Audience

Social networks are all about building a community. In order to engage your audience, follow, and engage with fellow Instagrammers with a good number of followers. Follow the appropriate posts and understand the current trends and hashtags. Furthermore, follow the users who are active in the comment section. This is basically a way to let people know about your online presence. You can even hire professional SMO/SMM services to build a strong Instagram community for your business. 

Besides, using the right hashtags is very much important to connect with people. The importance of hashtags is pretty evident and obvious. Along with that, another important way to grow your audience or community is by responding to comments and feedback. You can also promote on other channels. By other channels, it means other social networks. Tell people on your other social media platforms what you are posting on Instagram. You can even embed Instagram posts on your blog. Not just this, influencer marketing is a way to gain access to a wide audience. You can work with an influence who can share your content or give you a shoutout on his/her profile. People who might be interested in your brand can visit your profile and connect with you through the influencer’s profile. 

  • Step 6: Measure Success and Adjustments

Once you are all done with all the above steps, you need to now check in the regular progress of your Instagram profile. Keep a track of the results through analytics tools. Track the result of each post, ad, and a story that you have shared on your Instagram profile. You can also use A/B testing to know what works for you. It will help you learn what works best for your audience and if something is not working, you can refine your strategy. 

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So, this is all about how to leverage Instagram for your business. Now, you are all set to design your own strategy and implement it. However, you can consider doing it on your behalf. Connect with Auxesis Infotech. We are a noted and highly-acclaimed social media marketing agency with years of experience in delivering the best solution to clients.

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