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24 October, 2018

Points to be kept in mind while planning your website design

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” this sentence was quoted by Antoine de saint long ago and even today it makes a lot of sense. The road to design a website is a long one and one should plan an Itinerary for it. In this journey, Designers who choose the road less traveled by, stand out in the competition and outshine others. Because planning your website design is all about creativity.
Designing a website requires a lot of creativity. Initially one needs to visualize the whole design on the canvas of their brain and then implement it further practically. But before fully implementing the design, there comes a very important step, which is planning your website design.
Design of a website is its heart and soul. The website first impression comes through its design and a design which is easy on eyes attracts the audience just the same way a magnet attracts the metal. If the design is not soothing, the user would immediately close the site without any second thoughts. So, a good design can be very beneficial for a business.
Here are a few points which are to be kept in mind while planning your website design

1. Target Audience –

It is the most important factor when it comes to designing a website. One should plan the design according to the targeted audience as different Age/Intellect/Business groups have dissimilar tastes. So according to the desired group, one should design their website.

2. Eye Catchy Graphic Elements -

Graphics which give Goosebumps to the audience are worth watching. A real creative designer can make the audience go Awestruck. This sort of design will always give you an edge over your competitors and can give a boost to the graph of your business.

3. Responsive Design –

Unarguably, one of the most important factors in this list. Different people use different mediums to visit a website. Some use Mobile phones, some use Tablets whereas others use Laptops. So, to make a website work properly on all such devices, a website should have a responsive design.

4. Impressive Content –

An impressive content compliments a good design which can prove to be an asset for a website as a combination of a good graphic design and content can be a treat to eyes and mind. The content should always be short and crisp. It makes your website look classy and elegant.

5. SEO Friendly Design -

A website design should be SEO friendly, which could be done by optimizing an image, minification of HTML/CSS/JS. These processes help in optimizing a website and then it takes lesser time to load itself, which also improves its ranking. A fast website is always preferred whereas a slow website is always discarded by a user. Hence, SEO friendly design is essential while planning your website design.

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All the points mentioned above should always be kept in mind while designing your website so that your website gets an edge over others. And if you want your website to outshine others’ then do contact Auxesis Infotech. In the end, I would like to sum up this blog with a quote by Frank Chimero, which states that, “Good design is always about making other designers feel like Idiots because that Idea wasn’t theirs”.

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