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What’s The Future of Remote Working?
8 June, 2020

Is the Future of Work is Remote?

The idea of telecommuting wasn’t into the operations of all businesses until the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. This global pandemic has made all the businesses around the globe to operate remotely. It’s been months that people are working from their respective homes. Well, no one knows how long this entire crisis situation will last. Hence, comes the question - is work from home is the future? Talking about working from home or remotely, it has been a possible thing because of the technology. With the internet and laptop, we can be productive for our company or clients from any part of the world. But again, the question arises is - are people going to work from home even after the crisis? Well, let’s find out!

Evolution of Remote Work

As mentioned above, technology has turned out to be a boom for the present world. It has made everything so easy and possible from any part of the world. Talking about the evolution of work remote work, well, it is perhaps not a new concept. Even before the crisis of COVID-19, many companies were seeing remote work as a way to bring a healthy culture in the workplace, considering the interest of their employees. Hence, they had the work from home policies for their employees. 

Let’s travel back to the time, some 10 years ago, the concept of telecommuting wasn’t in the frame for main employees. It was meant for telemarketing and customer services with minimum wage. No one never thought of companies will invest in something like work from home in the future. 

Considering the fact that a number of companies have adopted the work from home policies for their employees and remote work to have teams across the work, there are still a number of organizations that are still afraid of investing in remote work or work from home policies. 

Current Trends in Remote Work

The current situation has made remote work the new normal for many. Businesses who still haven’t figured out how impactful remote work can be to their bottom lines won’t be able to make the most out of their employees. Let’s have a look at some current trends in remote work. 

  • Increase Employee Engagement

As they say, happy customers are more productive and engaged in their work. Studies have shown that 90%  of employees believe that a more flexible working environment would boost their morale as well as productivity. Whether your business is having morale issues or looking to make a good work culture in your workplace, remote work arrangements could help you make that happen. 

  • Equipment, Rent, and Tech Expenses

One of the most important reasons for providing remote work opportunities for their employees is expenses. Let’s agree to the fact that allowing having remote teams or allowing your employees to work from their homes saves a lot of expenses including rent, electricity, and other expenses. 

  • Embrace Talent Retention

Solely in the U.S., 80 % of employees say that they would turn down a job offer with no flexible working hours. Most of them also say that they would choose a job with flexible hours over a prestigious role. Employee retention is an important thing for organizations nowadays. Also,  it is one of the most important reasons for providing remote work opportunities for your employees.

Irrespective of the current situation, remote work is a reality that is happening even before the arrival of COVID-19. The same goes for work from home policies. Do not be surprised to know that 90% of employees work remotely once a week, as per global workplace analytics. 

Remote Work Is The Future of Work 

Believe it or not, but the remote workforce is growing at an astonishing rate. As a matter of fact that we are stepping into the era of hypermobility - thanks to the advanced technology. Whether you are a remote employee or a remote web agency, there are plenty of resources that facilitate remote work. The location is no longer a limitation for many companies looking to hire unique talent from across the globe. On the other hand, there are software and tools that have made it all easy for employees to work from their home and their organizations to manage them. 

Since this entire COVID-19 crisis has made every business to operate remotely and their employees to work from their home, the future of work from home after the crisis is will be all bright. Surely, in this time, many organizations must have gotten the chance to explore the perks of having a remote team. As a result of that, once this entire crisis will end, many organizations will welcome the policy of remote work and work from home in their operations. The future of remote work is pretty clear. It is almost on the verge to become a trend. In the coming years, we can expect that to happen! 

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