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An Insight Into the 5 Top Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools
7 January, 2020

A Guide to the Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools

Whenever it’s about building a mobile app, one goes for native development. But with native app development comes a limitation that it is restricted to certain platforms, such as Android or iOS. On the other hand, cross-platform help you to develop software products or services for multiple platforms. This method of development has started gaining popularity in the last few years. The major benefit comes with the decision of choosing cross-platform development is the fact you can build an app for iOS, Android, and Windows simultaneously. 

Now, if you are thinking that there must be a big difference between native and cross-platform that can be easily seen. Well, you’re right but wrong. If you use the correct tools and resources that no user would be able to tell the difference. Therefore, here I have compiled a list of some best tools that should be considered while developing a  cross-platform app. 


  • PhoneGap

Comes under Adobe, PhoneGap is arguably one of the best cross-platform options available for the developer community. The platform is based on the open-source Apache Cordova which gives you access to the PhoneGap toolset. One of the best things about choosing PhoneGap is that it gives you access to guides that are specifically for this platform. A beginner can learn how to use each and every tool with the help of the guides. The platform uses CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to build cross-platform apps using a single code base. 


  • Xamarin

A Microsoft Visual Studios’ product Xamarin allows you to build apps for Windows, iOS, and Android. The fun fact here is that all the apps are built with Xamarin look but the look and feel are totally native. This is because Xamarin uses the native interfaces that are known to behave in a way a customer would expect them to. If you choose to build your app through Xamarin, then your app will get a platform-specific hardware boosts that help to achieve performance. 


  • Kony Quantum

Since Kony Quantum has a visual canvas comprising pre-built components, it is considered as one of the easiest platforms to build a cross-platform app. Not just for the experienced ones, but Kony Quantum is also a perfect option for amateur developers. Along with building a cross-platform app, one can also enhance the skills on this platform through their guided tours. On Kony Quantum, it is easy to integrate data which eventually goes into a visual data map in order to enhance productivity. 


  • IntelliJ IDEA

An open-source product from JetBrains, IntelliJ IDEA is yet another popular cross-platform options available in the market for developers. It has tools and version controls that are needed to support an array of programming languages and frameworks, without even installing any plugin. IntelliJ IDEA is mainly used for Android development but as we are talking about, it can also be used to create cross-platform apps.


  • Appcelerator

Appcelerator is yet another Appcelerator platform which simplifies the cross-platform development process, and hence, get apps to market faster. This platform allows developers to use a single JavaScript codebase not just for native apps but cloud-based mobile apps also. For developers, Appcelerator makes it easy to verify the apps using automated mobile tests. Not just this, you can measure the result and usage of your projects to detect crashes, bugs, and make adjustments in order to improve the performance. The platform also gives all the developers access to Hyperloop and that too for free. 

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Though these are the best cross-platform mobile development tools, but the list is not just restricted to these. Redhat, Alpha Software, Senta Ex JS, Mobincube, Qt, Corona, and Ionic are some more fairly popular cross-platform development tools for developers. For more such amazing posts, check out the blog section of Auxesis Infotech. They are one of the best developers that also write about topics related to designing and development. 

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