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27 September, 2018

How to know if developing a mobile app is right for business?

If you think that mobile apps are solely for brands like Walmart and Domino's then you are wrong. With the evolution of the digital business landscape, a large number of small & mid-size businesses are following the mobile app trend.

According to statics, U.S. consumers spend some five hours a day on mobile devices and 92% of that time is dedicated to using apps. So, it comes as no surprise that the need to meet growing expectations has left many businesses thinking about introducing new mobile offerings. But, how do you know if developing a mobile app is right for your business? Well, here are some points for you to consider before making the leap:

1. Your site- If you sell products or services online, it is important for you to consider your website before developing a mobile app. If you don’t have a responsive and mobile-optimized website, it would be a great idea to consider upgrading the mobile-friendly website before setting your sights on a mobile app.

2. Customer Reliability- If you happen to have a loyalty program for customers, an app means being able to get rid of plastic cards forever. It would also make it simple to provide rewards like special discounts, promo code offers, and other incentives.

3. Conversions- One major reason why desktop e-commerce sales conversion rates still dominate mobile is the difficulty users face to input simple information like billing and shipping addresses on a mobile device. If you're in an e-commerce business that depends on repeat customers, eliminating these types of headaches for customers could boost sales.

4. The Competition- When evaluating whether or not you shall build an app, it only makes sense to conduct some market research to find out if your competitors have apps. If they do, take a look at the stats in relevant app stores to get an idea of the number of downloads that have been made and how well received the app was among users. Scan customer reviews for insight into the reputation your competitor's app has. If it has a good one, you could be left in the dust if you don't come up with something similar or better.

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An app that endears you to your customers can be very good for your bottom line. Remember, the choice you make today is going to set the foundation for the future of your business.

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