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28 August, 2019

Motion Graphics: The Alma Mater of Websites

Let me introduce to the most fascinating realm of the design trends in this following piece of content where you would again get deep into the roots of motion graphics. With motion graphics generally what comes to mind? I know 2D and 3D animations which for you is dynamic or mobile isn’t it? Motion graphics is far beyond animations and that is where it brings content and illustrations into moving effect. When you plan to design something keeping motion in mind, you not only try to appeal to the audience through the design but also by the content that it holds and that is possible through creativity curated through motion graphics. Motion graphics has become a virtual reality in contemporary times which has appealed masses in large counts!

The Discoveries of Motion Graphics

In this advanced sphere you would just tap on your internet and sneak into the most eye catchy videos and animations which drive you into a greater sense of technological upgradation day in and day out. Some of them are so appealing that you are likely to carve their styles into your business ideas as well. Motion graphics has the power to fetch the smallest of stories yet express them in the most appealing way to the audience via Gif, videos, flyers, animations and so on. There are many trends in motion graphics that I am going to introduce to you as the recent year discoveries:
1. Kinetic Typography: You must have acquainted the moving content in the form of texts in the ads, web pages and other content display platforms which has become one of the most heart appealing characteristic from contraction to extraction of the letters in different styles, fonts and colour schemes, that is what is termed as kinetic typography.
2. Thin Lines: Some things never get underrated and so do thin lines. They might have grown old but are still wisely used to add a fine touch to the motion graphics where they can separate two different objects very smoothly without any clutter appearing to the eyes and also giving an easy and soothing view on the part of the viewers through sleek finishing.
3. Digital surrealism: Adding life to an animated object is called digital surrealism, if you ask for a perfect definition for the same. Through the same, any animated object appears to be modern, added on with real emotion, becomes effective, eye catchy and far more than just imagination or cartoon-flavour.
4. Animated Logos: As you already are aware of the fact that without a logo the business respiration is not possible. A company or a business of any shape or size comes to be known only through the name it reflects through its logo. Proceeding forward with logo designs only, comes into the trend the animated logo design which has made a stunning entry into the digital world where markets have the power. The effects of pop ups, reveal and hide, wrap ups etc steals the attention!
It has been quite a long time that the design industry has blown high on heights because of its utter creativity displayed across various platforms. The variety of experiments that the designers undergo in order to give an extraordinary touch to the motion graphics is commendable forming the legit attraction on the eyes. Due to various tools, software and of course the creative applications, the business content gets outwardly expressed in leaps and bounds. In the digital walk of life, apart from animation motion graphics in every form has played a huge role in spreading marketing agility and transforming companies into brands.

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