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Motion Graphics vs Animation: Understand the Difference
29 December, 2019

Motion Graphics and Animation: How Two are Different?

The difference between motion graphics and animation - for years, it has been a debatable topic. Some people have this misconception that both animation and motion graphics are the same. Well, that’s not true in any way! For anyone who is the designing industry or wishes to be a designer, knowing the thin line of difference between the two is very much important. Hence, through this post, I’ll try to explain the concept of both motion graphics and animation and how they both differ from each other. So, let’s get started!


What is Animation?

Animation refers to those techniques that make a static image or object move. In a simple language, the animation is the process of making layouts, designing, drawing, and preparations of photographic sequences that are integrated into gaming and multimedia products. The process of animation involves the management and exploitation of still images in order to convert the illusion of movement. 


What is Motion Graphics?

On the other hand, motion graphics are known to take the graphic design that is otherwise static and gives it movement and animation. It is seen as an important way to communicate with the viewer by adding music and text. It is basically used to create ads, share information, videos, and title sequences for movies. In simple words,  it is a vital part of the animation. Whether you want the bars in your graph to rise up for extra visual flair or want your website’s logo to spin around - it is all done with the help of motion graphics.


The Difference: When to Use Each Technique?

Doesn’t matter a video is made using motion graphics or other animation techniques, the fact is - people love videos! I mean they are the best way to drive engagement, traffic, and conversion to your website. Video is indeed the most preferred type of content amongst brands. However, you cannot lure customer with just any video, it has to be in accordance with your brand and business goals. Hence, it is important to make sure that you use the right technique (motion graphics or other animation techniques) to create a video.

  • When to Use Other Animation Techniques
    Stories are indeed the best when it comes to establishing a deeper connection between you and your target users. Other animation techniques are best used in such kind of narratives. Whether it is about highlighting the emotional aspects of a story or providing a narrative or building a connection with target users on an emotional level - the solution to all these is other animation techniques. 


  • When to Use Motion Graphics Techniques

It is important to know that motion graphics are best for highlighting or emphasizing the facts and also to explain a point you are trying to make. When there is no need for storytelling or narrative, then comes the use of motion graphics. It breaks down the products or complex services and displays them in a unique way. 

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Motion Graphics: The Alma Mater Of Websites

Sometimes when the discussion is about motion graphics and animation, it is hard to set them both apart. But it doesn’t matter if you are going good in terms of creating engaging video content to attract more and more audience to your website. To know more about motion graphics or animation, you can connect with Auxesis Infotech. They are experts with years of experience in this field and also serve a great counsellor for all your problems related to web & graphic design. 

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