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Which Is The Best E-Commerce Platform? - Shopify vs Magento vs WooCommerce
18 March, 2020

Shopify vs Magento vs WooCommerce: The Best E-commerce Platform in 2020

If you are planning to take your retail store online or thinking of launching one, then you are not alone here. It’s no hidden fact that, in this digital era, consumers are more into online shopping. They spend an increasingly higher amount of time online, either shopping or looking out for something. Hence, having an online e-commerce store has become a necessity for all the retail businesses, irrespective of the industry. 

Talking about the best e-commerce platform, well, it is hard to pick one amongst all those numerous e-commerce development platforms. But, to help you out, here we have done a comparison of Shopify vs Magento vs Woocommerce - the three top open-source e-commerce platforms. 


Undoubtedly, Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms and it can be verified with the fact that it holds a total of 21% market share. For a fact, the services of the Shopify e-commerce platform is being used by more than 1000000 businesses worldwide. 

Being a highly in-demand e-commerce platform, Shopify gives you full control over website coding (CSS and HTML). This popular e-commerce development software has some functionalities that are unique and efficacious. Of all those amazing countless features on Shopify, the most prominent one is the Amazon integration. Recently the e-commerce platform has integrated with Amazon allowing retailers or merchants to sell their product and services on Amazon through Shopify. 

Let’s have a look at some of the main attributes that will help you compare Shopify vs Magento vs WooCommerce. 

  • Platform Functionalities

As mentioned above, the Shopify e-commerce platform has a gamut of unique functionalities. Being one of the best e-commerce platforms, it gives you a chance to integrate your Shopify e-commerce store with social media platforms like Facebook. This gives you the chance to set up an entirely different shop on your Facebook page. Another of its features auto-calculate shipping charges for a customer. Like these, Shopify different functionalities and features for all sorts of stores. 

  • User-Friendliness

When it comes to user-friendliness, Shopify is considered to be one of the most prefered e-commerce platforms. It has some amazing options including drag and drop, theme editing, and more. All these options allow merchants to deliver a great user experience to customers through their Shopify e-commerce store.

  • SEO

You would be amazed to know that Shopify has an SEO score of 98 out of 100. It is one of the main reasons why Shopify is considered to be one of the best e-commerce platforms. As a result of this, Shopify is not only a preferred choice of merchants but also a web development agency to build the best e-commerce store for their clients. The platform also has all the prominent SEO features like ALT tags, Title tags, meta tags, image optimization, page URLs optimization, and more.



Magento is next on this list. Indeed, it is a popular e-commerce platform which is used by merchants and e-commerce platform development companies around the world. Considering the needs of businesses, Magento has two editions - Magento open-source edition and Magento commerce edition. Magento is the prefered choice of many because of the fact that this sought-after e-commerce platform offers high-performance, stability, and security. Now, to understand this open-source e-commerce platform a bit better, let’s have a look at some of its top attributes to draw a comparison of Shopify vs Magento vs WooCommerce.

  • Platform Functionalities

Some of the main top functionalities of Magento are:

  1. Magento allows merchants to integrate different channels. 
  2. Since it is an open-source platform, you can customize anything according to your choice. 
  3. Magento gives you a chance to deploy cloud, integrate APIs, and scale-up platform performance. 
  4. With Magento, you can also integrate ERP, inventory management, progressive web application studio, order management, business intelligence, customer service, and more. 
  • User Friendliness

The latest version of 2.3.4 is easy to comprehend and user-friendly. However, the earlier versions were not that user-friendly. If it is a comparison of Magento vs WooCommerce or Magento vs Shopify, Shopify gives a tough competition to both the platforms. 

  • SEO

Talking about the SEO aspect of Magento, well, it holds an SEO score between 90 and 95. After WooCommerce and Shopify, it’s Magento that has the highest SEO score. This popular e-commerce platform is SEO advanced, and hence, is one of the most prefered choices. In Magento, you can find various SEO settings like image optimization, meta tags optimization, canonical tags for products, and more.



Whenever it is about the best e-commerce platform, WooCommerce is referred to as one of the top choices of merchants and web development companies all around the world. For a fact, WooCommerce is neither a complete framework nor a complete CMS platform. In reality, it is a plugin developed and powered by WordPress. It is free of use. 

Despite being a free e-commerce platform, WooCommerce is efficient, affordable, and convenient. It is a perfect low-key option for all those retailers who don’t feel like having a full-fledged e-commerce platform. The fact of being utterly simple gives WooCommerce an upper-hand when compared with other equally popular e-commerce platforms. Such an easy-to-use e-commerce platform is WooCommerce that even a person with no technical knowledge can build an appealing website on it.

Now, let's see all the major attributes of WooCommerce to complete this comparison of Shopify vs Magento vs WooCommerce.

  • Functionalities

For a fact, WooCommerce has more than 300 extensions and 1000 free plugins that are enough to make a fully-functional e-commerce store without any difficulty. 
This famous e-commerce platform allows users to do listing management, shipping courier integration, order management reporting, marketplace integration, and more with ease.
Another fact that makes WooCommerce the best option amongst all the e-commerce platforms is its cost and pricing - it is absolutely free. But, you still have to pay for hosting and an SSL certificate. 
Not just this, WooCommerce also offers some other great options like tax control, coupon system, payment gateway, and delivery settings. 

  • SEO 

Following Shopify, WooCommerce has the highest SEO score with a whopping 97%. The reason behind is the gamut of plugins and customizations. This open-source e-commerce platform has huge SEO potential and it’s because of the fact that it is completely designed on the WordPress platform. 

  • User Friendliness

Like any other features, user-friendliness is also quite high in WooCommerce. Since it is a plugin and not a framework, the user experience of this one of the best e-commerce platforms is par-excellent. The major benefit WooCommerce gives to its users is the ease of use. Talking of all three Shopify vs Magento vs WooCommerce, it’s the WooCommerce which is seamless and easier to use.  

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Now, with this meticulous analysis, we are sure that you can easily decide which e-commerce platform is apt to run your online e-commerce store. And if you have already decided, it’s time to do some real action! Auxesis Infotech is the best option to help you do that! We are one of the noted e-commerce website developers. Whether you want to hire WooCommerce development services or Shopify services or your choice is Magento, we have expertise in all!

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