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15 August, 2018

Which is the best E-commerce platform for your Business?

In today’s world, E-commerce websites have gained tremendous fame and the current tendency indicates that their growth is unstoppable. Actually, nowadays it is very common to see a commercial business that only works in a digital format. On an E-commerce site, there is no waiting in lines, no one is bothering you in the halls and the best of all is the ease of buying from the comfort of your own house, using only your computer and credit card.

An e-commerce platform gives you an endless creative freedom and allows you to do things like customizing product information, manage web content & layout,  an online transaction, and many more. Even if you are running a successful offline business, the situation is not so far when you will move online because consumers are becoming more comfortable shopping online day-by-day.

If you are planning to create your own e-commerce website, there are plenty of e-commerce platforms that can help you launch your business and will provide flexibility to build a great experience for your consumers.

    1. Magento- Magento is the most popular open source e-commerce solution for big and small enterprises alike. There’s no doubt that its reliability and scalability makes it stand out in competition. Many prominent names have their website built on Magento such as Burger King, Huawei, Pepe Jeans and Liverpool F.C.
    2. Volusion- It is an ideal e-commerce solution to help your company with all the technical support needed to scale & grow. It’s pretty much easy to handle and has an amazing inventory management system. Volusion is quite a superstar when it comes to e-commerce development services because of its advanced inventory management, secure hosting, security and easy order processing. If you’re a startup, Volusion can be a worthy friend.
    3. Big Cartel- Big Cartel is perfect for the creatives like designers, musicians & artists as they can sell their services directly to the clients. While being super simple & user-friendly, Big Cartel is not as high on the feature like other platforms, but if it is perfect for your niche, it indeed is a great tool.
    4. Big Commerce- Big Commerce empowers your business with plenty of great e-commerce store management features along with easy online payment facilities. All you need to do is sign up and set up your e-commerce store to your heart’s content with the countless customization features on offer.
    5. Drupal Commerce- Drupal Commerce is a versatile system. With Drupal, an e-commerce platform and a CMS are no more separate anymore. This widely preferred platform enables users to work with content effortlessly and drive online sales via a great user experience.
    6. WooCommerce- WooCommerce is an open-source solution built on the top of the WordPress,  which supercharges the CMS and enables you to run an online store using the platform you know and love.  Plenty of renowned names rely on WooCommerce for their online sales channels, such as Ripley’s Believe It or Not! & New Balance.
    7. OpenCart- OpenCart being an open-source platform allows you to customize it as much as you like. This comes in handy because every e-Commerce store has unique features and not all of these features are provided by other platforms. With OpenCart, you can easily develop extensions and add customizations of your own.
    8. Shopify- This e-commerce platform provides you the flexibility to sell your products online. It has a feature which provides complete control of the flow of the content. From designs to theme it provides everything which is required by you to sell your product online. It also provides an excellent opportunity for merchants to sell their product even on the social media platform.

The ‘E’ in e-commerce is for anything but Easy. So, you should be willing to handle your online business venture with patience, care, and love. Understand what you need and create a vision of your desired destination. Looking for a project quote, please share your requirements with us!!

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