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Top 8 Tips to Create a High Converting Landing Page
27 January, 2020

Top 8 Tips to Create a High Converting Landing Page

What is a high converting landing page? How it is built? What’s the use of it? How it is helpful for a business? Well, these are some of the most asked questions amongst businesses whenever the topic ‘high converting landing page’ pops up. 

For a while, forget about everything and let’s start with the basic - what is a landing page? A landing page is the standalone web page which is created specifically to run marketing or advertising campaign. In a simple language, a landing page is the web page where visitors lands after they click on the link mentioned on marketing or advertising campaign, YouTube videos, and social media ads. Unlike web pages, landing pages are designed with a single goal which is a call to action (CTA). 

What experts say is that a high converting landing page is the foundation of a successful online business. Even if you are not generating a good amount of revenue, a good landing page could still help you achieve many things for your business. You would be amazed to know that almost all the successful landing pages have some key elements in common. Hence, here we have mentioned those elements that are essential to build a successful landing page. 

  • Promote a Positive First Impression

It takes just 2.6 seconds for a user’s eyes to land on a part of your website that will leave a lasting impression. A visitor doesn’t stay longer on a website. Hence, the first impression is your last impression. With the help of a landing page, you can create a lasting impression so that the users will stick around and can be turned from reader to customer. 

  • Present a Single and Focused CTA

Remember to make sure CTA compelling (from a copy perspective) and obvious (from a design perspective). Your CTA is nothing if it cannot convince your visitors to do what it states. Another practice to ensure a single and focused CTA is the removal of secondary links that might cause some visitors to leave your page. 

  • A Catchy and Appealing Headline

A headline is something which gives readers an idea about the text written in the description. Along with being easy to understand, a headline should also be interesting and catch the attention of readers. It is also worth noting that the headline should complement the image explaining the product or service. 

  • Pictures

Visual content is also an essential element of landing pages that work. It is obvious, graphics, images, and videos play important roles in attracting visitors and also to persuade them to take action. A major chunk of people responds better to visuals than to text. If you are using a picture on your landing page, then make sure it is large, relevant to your product or service mentioned in the text, and should be of high-quality. 

  • Text

Along with pictures and headline, your landing page should also include a clear and comprehensive text which states what you are offering. If the visitors are unable to understand what your product or service is about by reading the text, then there are higher chances that you might lose them. Hence, a clear and straightforward explanation is important. Also, it is essential to know that your text should be connected with your headline. 

  • Outline the Benefits and Features

Most often people don’t like to read the entire text. Hence, outlining your product’s features and its benefits is a good practice to make sure it catches the eyes of readers. Visitors can only be converted into users only if they understand the benefits they will receive by following the CTA. 

  • Include Testimonials 

Testimonials, ratings and reviews do matter in the present time for potential customers. The same works in the case of landing pages. People are more likely to use your product and services if they believe that others have used them before and are happy with the results. Hence, adding social proofs like testimonials, reviews, ratings, and partner logos is a good way to increase the credibility of your product and services. 

  • Include Contact Details

Is your business legit? If so, then make it clear on your landing page by providing methods of contact. Provide visitors with some assurance that you are a real company and mention the physical address, phone number, email address or any other contact detail. 

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A high converting landing page is more like everything for a business where all the efforts pay off. For a fact, this is the place where customers visit, they click and purchase, and you in return earn revenue. So, mess it up! In addition, you can connect with Auxesis Infotech for any other expert help related to web/mobile app design & development, digital marketing, and SEO.

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