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A Comprehensive Guide: Learn Everything About Email Newsletters
21 September, 2020

What All You Need to Know About Email Newsletter

Undoubtedly, the email newsletter is one of the most sought after types of emails in email marketing - one of the oldest means of internet marketing channels. Email newsletter contains new updates and news to keep your audience engaged. Newsletters are basically created to push users towards conversion. Stats say that email marketing through newsletters is effective. It is a valuable marketing resource, and hence, you should look to make the best use of it. 

In this post, we will learn everything about the newsletter from how to write a newsletter to some useful tips to create it to what you should include in the newsletter, we’ll cover everything. 

What’s The Purpose of Email Newsletters?

The main purpose of a newsletter is to make your subscribers aware of the recent updates and news. It doesn’t have anything to do with sales. Just to let you know, companies hire digital marketing services for newsletter marketing to create customer loyalty with the help of effective content. Here are some most important reasons why you should look to invest your time and effort in an email marketing newsletter. 

  • Traffic increase
  • Increased Sales
  • Brand Awareness And Recognition Enhancement
  • Social Media Profile Promotions

Types of Newsletters

There are mainly four core types of newsletters. These are:

     1. “Curated Content” or “Link” 

Curated Content or Link type of newsletter is suitable for brands that are looking to provide quick value to their users and also for those companies that don’t have much time and resources. 

     2. “Featured Article” or “Letter From The Editor” Style

This type of newsletter is suited best for brands who want to say or convey something to their customers. It is also suited for companies who put their points, opinion or stand on something happening in their industry. But above all, this type of newsletter is created by companies that are willing to spend time and resources to create an effective newsletter.

     3. “Blog” Style

Companies with a dedicated blog section or content repository use this type of newsletter. Also, organizations that are looking to drive huge traffic to their content also use this type of newsletter. 

     4. “Hustle” Style

Businesses that have a dedicated content team put their time and effort into this type of newsletter. It is also used by companies that want to establish themselves in the industry. 

How to Write a Newsletter?

When it comes to how to write a newsletter, well, here are some important newsletter tips that you should keep into consideration. 

  • You cannot just straightaway go for newsletter marketing to build customer loyalty. It is important to evaluate whether or not you need it. 
  • Figure out what sort of newsletter you want to send your customers. 
  • While writing a newsletter, make sure your newsletter content is 90% educational 10% promotional. 
  • It is important to set some expectations on your subscription page. 
  • Be creative with email subject lines
  • Call-to-action is important to include.
  • A newsletter can be cluttered. Hence, it is important to keep a concise copy and enough white space in the design.
  • Include al text in images
  • Make it easy for users to unsubscribe

Email Newsletter Size

The success of your newsletter mainly depends on the newsletter content. But on the technical aspect, the content is nothing is you have not created an appropriate-sized newsletter. Since it influences the user experience, it is important to ensure that your newsletter is of perfect size. Hence, to be on the safe side, here are some effective newsletter tips 

Keep it at a 600px email width. It is considered to be the standard email width for all devices.
There are no such rules for email length. However, if you are thinking of what you should include in the newsletter, well, make sure to put only the vital information on the newsletter as the readers’ attention span is 8 seconds. 
The size of the email has to be within 102 kb. The best email size practices say that the HTML file of your email shouldn’t exceed the size of 90 kb. 

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Is it the Email Marketing Epoch?

So, this is what the email newsletter is all about. Now to make the best use of this marketing model, you can seek professional help. Auxesis Infotech is a noted digital and web development company with rich experience and expertise in delivering the best web and digital solutions to clients. 


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