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How Open APIs Influence Big Data Analytics
29 January, 2020

What is the Importance of Open APIs in Big Data Analytics

If you have started a career or looking to make one in the tech domain, then note it now, you will invariably hear about something called ‘API’ and ‘Big Data’. Well, if you don’t know anything about it, then perhaps it is very important to impart yourself with some technical knowledge. In case, you already have knowledge about it, then a revision would only clear your concepts, isn't it? With that being said, let’s talk about something for which you are here - the importance of APIs in Big Data Analytics. 


What is an Open API?

Before talking about Open API, first, let’s know what is API. 

API or Application Programming Interface is basically a software intermediary that makes two applications to talk to each other. In other words, API is a set of protocols and definitions for integrating and building application software. APIs let your product/service talk or communicate with other products/services without even letting users know how they are implemented. This not only simplifies app development but also saves your time and money. It comes with flexibility, administration, and simplify design that together eventually provide opportunities for innovation. 

Open API is basically an API which is free of cost and is available on the internet. For example, like how Google Maps are free for use by third parties like Uber. Such APIs are advantageous for both users and owners. For an owner, whenever his open API is used, it states that products and services offered by him are receiving public interest, however, he still owns the ownership rights. For the users’ perspective, open API helps third-party developers as they do not have to indulge in the process of developing the entire software program for their own customers. 


What is Big Data?

Big Data is nothing but data with a huge size. It is basically a term which is used for a collection of data which is too complex or huge in size to be dealt with by traditional data processing. In laymen, big data is a type of data which cannot be stored or processed by the traditional data management tools because of being too large or complex. Big Data could be found in three forms:

  • Structured
  • Unstructured
  • Semi-structured


Open APIs and Big Data: How Both Are Connected?

The world of big data and analytics has seen tremendous growth in the past few years because of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). With the implementation of open API, a huge amount of big data can be generated. Since open APIs are free of cost and are available on the internet, the general public is also getting access to it. This results in a huge growth of data. Not just this, open APIs are also known to play an important role in creating analytics. 

How APIs Influence Big Data

  • Fast Access to Big Data

APIs can help you develop big data applications that allow you to get faster access to data storage. As a result of that, it facilitates the faster process of data retrieval and analytics. 

  • Increase in Data Volume

Open APIs also facilitates the growth of Big Data. Wondering how? Well, let’s take an example of any online education platform. Today, online learning has become the best way to gain knowledge, after all, you get all the important information in one application or website. For any learning platform, it is very difficult to store all the information in different storage systems and then it is ever more challenging to connect so many storage systems and to maintain them. In that case, open APIs can be used to store huge amounts of information. With APIs, it becomes easier for apps to connect to multiple sources. 

  • Develop New Products and Services

APIs are known to facilitate complex data processing and help in delivering analytics. Many enterprises are using APIs to create their own products and services. In other words, APIs help in delivering top-notch efficiency, convenience, as well as financial gain. As a result of that, it becomes necessary for almost all the businesses to include APIs in their development strategies in order to drive maximum growth. 

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