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Choose The Right CMS to Build a Powerful Website.

Remember the times when you had to rely on a developer to build a website?

In fact, small tasks like updating metadata or publishing a blog also required the developer’s assistance. The invention of CMS platforms has helped in the evasion of such hassles as one can not only edit or publish content but can also involve in the development part. 

Content management systems allow users to - 

  • Easily access website back end and update site content and blog. 
  • Develop websites quickly even with restricted technical knowledge. 
  • Create websites with less coding hassle. 

The rising popularity of content management systems can be seen from the fact that about half of the websites running live on the digital platform are built on a CMS. If you are just starting your journey with the content management platforms, these statistics might help you with the decision of choosing the right platform. 

  • The market share of WordPress in the CMS industry is known to be 64.6%. 
  • Shopify, Joomla, and Magento are widely-used e-commerce CMS platforms with a market share of 5.4%. 3.3%, and 1.1%, respectively. 
  • Drupal is another powerful CMS that has a market share of 2.4%. 

While these statistics show the widespread popularity of content management systems in the digital classified, relying on the market share and popularity solely will be a noob decision. 

A web development company might help you with the decision. But mind you, it’s the most crucial decision that you as a business owner has to make for greater efficiency. Now, if you wonder who exactly should decide and on what basis, read on further. 

Who Needs To Select The CMS Platform? 

It is more difficult to choose a CMS website platform for development as you need to consider the requirements of all the people involved. 

For instance, your IT department is responsible for managing and creating websites. The marketing team has to promote the website on the digital platform and needs to integrate various marketing tools into the CMS. Similarly, the sales team requires seamless integration of CRM software. 

All those teams involved in building a powerful web presence and generating sales have their own set of requirements and prefer one CMS platform over another. As an entrepreneur, you have to make sure that each of their needs streamlines with the CMS platform you choose. 

Consequently, the teams will be able to perform each of their tasks without hassles and there will be less workplace conflict. But, the decision is yours to make, and knowing which platform is suitable for your business is crucial. 

Content Management System Classification (Based On Web Hosting) 

Before you delve into choosing the right CMS for your site, you must know the kinds of content management platforms available to you. 

  • On-Premise website CMS 

Here, the content management system provides you with the software that is managed and updated by them regularly. Rest, you have to use your web servers and manage everything for development. Best examples of on-premise CMS platforms are WordPress, Drupal, etc. 

  • Cloud-hosted website CMS 

It is similar to on-premise CMS apart from the fact that your website is hosted on a third-party web server that you don’t own. 

  • SaaS website CMS 

Just like various SaaS (Software as a solution) tools such as Gmail, Salesforce, Google Docs, etc., such CMS doesn’t require you to manage or install anything. You can access everything from the web. But here, the dependency on the content management system is very high. 

While the other two are still emerging platforms, the demand for on-premise content management systems is already skyrocketing. The reason is, they provide you with a robust web framework for development while still allowing you to manage every element on your own. 

As for the question, ‘which is the best suitable CMS for my business, you can consider these tips before you come to a decision. 

How to Decide The Best CMS For Your Business? 

1. A scalable CMS 

Every business aims to grow and expand its reach in the future. Keeping this in mind, your website should be able to handle the increasing traffic. If you don’t think of this from the beginning and choose a website CMS that isn’t scalable, it can affect your growth. 

For example, WordPress features scalability and helps build websites that can scale depending on the traffic. And if you avail of quality WordPress development services for the job, creating a scalable website will be an easy task. 

2. Omnichannel CMS 

The fact that websites have to be responsive with mobile devices and tablets is nothing new. Every website has to be mobile responsive for it to attract visitors from all screen sizes. However, the digital revolution has opened a sea of opportunities for different e-gadgets and smart devices to make their mark. 

Devices like AR, VR, virtual assistants, kiosks, jumbotrons, etc. are becoming increasingly popular. Consequently, an omnichannel CMS is the need of the hour if you want your business to keep matching pace with the latest trends. 

3. Active support service 

No matter how powerful a content management software is if it lacks in providing the needed support service to its customers, it isn’t a reliable one. You might have professional developers and testers on board, but you will need assistance for the complex CMS issues, upgrade issues, and integration issues, etc. 

Therefore, one should be wary of the support service a content management system provides and choose the right platform accordingly. Drupal is one such platform that has a huge and continually growing community. One can find support for various issues quickly. 

Moreover, if you have availed of Drupal development services, you can get instant assistance apart from the community support. 

4. Easy integration with third-party tools 

For your website’s overall performance, you need to integrate multiple tools like Google Analytics, Marketing tools, sales tools, etc. Some content management systems aren’t compatible with third-party tools or may not support them after the update. 

Hence, choosing a content management system that provides seamless integration with third-party tools and APIs is best for any business. It allows them to expand their website functionality to a great extent. 

While deciding the right CMS platform is a challenging task for business owners, these considerations will lend a helping hand along the way. You need to select the best as per your business needs and stakeholders' demands. 

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Nonetheless, whatever you choose, Auxesis Infotech is here to help you with the development and managing part. We have a skilled development and design team that specializes in popular content management platforms like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc. Connect to the team and get an insight into our development process. 

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