Agency Pricing Strategies You Can't Miss.  

14 Sep, 2018
Auxesis Infotech Auxesis Infotech

Whether you are a startup or a large agency, pricing your creative or design services effectively is a tough business. How much should you charge for your products and services? This question always haunts the mind of a person who is running any business. Charging too much, the product might not sell and char too little and the company forgoes significant revenues. Even, there are companies that consistently undercharge for products despite spending millions of dollars to develop them.

Pricing can boost profits far more than cutting costs. Yet, a large number of companies leave money on the table because they either don’t have a good strategy or their high price list deter new customers. But, you need not worry anymore, we have selected the best models to help you set and get the right price, every time.

Hourly Pricing- It is one of the most convenient models. And, for a successful hourly pricing, you need preparation, documentation, and conservation. It also requires great scrutiny of the process, so that it maintains client trust. And, the most important is to have good data. It ’s believed to be an ideal choice for any work involving jaded automation like application development.

Project-based Pricing- It is also known as Flat-fee pricing. In this process, we often ignore the effort required which ultimately results in excessive efforts and unexpected changes. This also means shaking your budget or loss in profit. It is one of the simplest models as you charge a  fixed amount and receive a fixed amount regardless of time and changes.

Value-based pricing- The core of this is that client should be happy and compensated for the result. There are many cases in which two clients pay a different amount for the same project. But, remember they are not paying for your time; they’re paying for your solutions. Because for some these solutions are worth more than others.

Package Pricing- Package price can enhance your business growth, but it can also be seen as the commodity because putting your prices out before analyzing the client’s problem leaves a negative impact on the client. But, if your package pricing includes solutions and analysis then that won’t be an issue.

Performance-based pricing- Performance-based means to pay you the penny on the basis of services provided to the clients. And, to have a high-performance result, you must affect an outcome for your client like increased efficiency. This model is commonly used in web or design application.


No two clients and their needs are the same. The quickly you get control over your pricing strategy, the quicker you’ll find profitability. If you want the best services at the best price then do not forget to contact- Auxesis InfoTech.

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