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11 November, 2018

Want a Thriving Business? Focus on Drupal 8 Benefits for Your Website

Drupal 8 Benefits for Website

Thinking about giving your website a facelift or creating a strategy to augment your brand visibility in a versatile, engaging, and exciting way? Build it with Drupal 8, a renowned content management system (CMS) the reason behind more than 1.5 million successful websites across the world.

The best part about Drupal 8 is that it's an open source with enhanced features catering to complex web development needs. The recent version Drupal 8 is launched after a massive overhaul of over five years with more than 200 enhancements, 1500 free themes, and multiple free plugins.

Post revamping, the new version of Drupal development, Drupal 8 is incredibly faster, easier, and much versatile than any other CMS at the moment. Let's understand the benefits of redesigning or building your website with Drupal 8 to maximize your business success:


Drupal 8 Benefits for your Website & Business


1.         Continued Innovation

Drupal is best known for its innovative features and the legacy continues with the recent version of Drupal 8 as well. Who wouldn't want a website that is unique and innovative and yet managing the same is quite easy and hands on? Drupal 8 does just that.
The best and notable innovative features of Drupal 8 are configuration management, twig, content editing, views integration, RESTful API, and many more to count. Not just these features are incredibly innovative but also lend a competitive edge to your business.


2.         Incredibly Fast

The recent Drupal 8 is incredibly faster and has a feature of creating the websites at an amazing speed. Pages load lightning fast now and the content is better managed to ease up the speed. With the new version of Drupal 8 working more efficiently and effectively not just it saves user time but also adds to an overall user experience delight.


3.         Better Customization Options

One of the biggest Drupal 8 benefits is that it is packed with loads of customization options for users. Whether it's about creating content or using multilingual capabilities, Drupal 8 lets you customize your website at fingertips and within no time so that you can offer a more intimate experience to your customers. Additionally, Drupal 8 is a highly scalable platform that improves and grows with innovation and can be seamlessly used in big or small organizations.


4.         Responsive Design

A recent survey revealed an interesting fact that on an average a person spends about five hours a day on mobile and about 30 percent of the Google searches are carried on some sort of mobile devices. Drupal leverages 'Responsive Design Technology' to make the website accessible for users on any screen size and any device.


5.         Content Authoring

Drupal 8 benefits are reaped in by site authors and administrators quite wisely in editing or adding content quickly across multiple devices. Its newly-designed content creation page has two columns- for content field and for optional settings. Its CKEditor gave place to WYSIWYG editor coming with formatting buttons like bold, italics, images, and more.


6.         SEO-Friendly CMS

An integral part of every website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is taken care of astutely by Drupal 8 as its recent version comes with built-in out-of-the-box SEO features. Not just that improves the search engine rankings of websites but also end up bringing heavy traffic to the website. The SEO-optimized Drupal 8 benefits come with increased site speed, mobile-friendliness, responsive web design, clean URLs, advanced search, multilingual sitemap, and more to increase the website reach and visibility.


7.         PHP 7 Compatibility

Drupal 8 comes with PHP 7 ready features and is perfect for sites that run many contrib modules or those with particularly intensive increased memory requirements. Now maximizing the overall page speed and website performance can be efficiently tackled by Drupal 8 performance optimization with PHP 7.


8.         Increased Security

Drupal 8 comes with a built-in comprehensive security feature to safeguard website content, control piracy, and manage accessibility. Notable security features and improvements include HTML generation with Twig templates, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, improved content entry, PHP input format, CSP support, clickjacking protection, and more.


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Well, we have only just scratched the surface when it comes to listing Drupal 8 benefits for your website and business. As the platform matures, it is poised to become the backbone of more successful digital experiences.

Curious to get your website made on Drupal 8? Auxesis Infotech has helped several global clients build highly functional and personalized web solution based on Drupal 8. Visit us to get empowered solutions to all your web development needs.

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