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11 July, 2018

Why should your Website be on Drupal


Evolving technologies and prudent marketing strategies have raised the competition of Online Business to another level. With the popularity of Online Business increasing, it can be difficult to distinguish your company from the competition. How do you plan to overcome these challenges?


We have a one-stop solution to all your confusion. One of the most powerful CMS available, Drupal extends its global feature and functionalities making it the best choice for online Business. Its ability to integrate with third-party applications along with a strong and robust architecture is what makes it diamond in the rough.


Drupal is one cutting edge platform for creating any business website. It has served excellent features and because of this, it has become the preferred choice for all the websites from personal blogs to corporate, politics or government sites. It is systematically managing the backend framework for at least 2.3%websites worldwide.


This regular CMS to a large-scale application works on a very simple equation which states, ‘Core Code + Added Modules + APIs = All you need. The rapidly growing world of Digital Marketing, often makes it really hard for the customer to choose the right software to support their needs. Here, we have listed 5 good reasons that will help decision - maker understand Why your website should be on Drupal.


    • Holistic Approach- Drupal is the answer for any small, medium & large enterprise. The quality development and better scalability is the reason for Drupal being expert in managing traffic of busiest sites such as, Twitter , The White and so on.


    • Flexible and Customizable Platform- Its extensive and tensile features make it a podium where you can create not only your business websites but also social networking websites, News publishing website, art sites and much more.


    • Uplifted Performance-  It is an obvious but a basic thing for a website (to keep an eye on the performance of the website) that a lot of people miss enabling the default caching. In Drupal, caching comes as an out-of-the-box solution and perform as a remarkable tool.


    • Content Management System- There is no doubt in the fact that the way Drupal plays and manages the content, no one else can even step in that sphere. It’s already SEO Optimized and allows great Digital integration with all social media platforms, and handles a great deal of file types. It handles content strategy over different media, making content acceptable.


    • Package deal- A professional generally looks for reliability, security, flexibility, a strong platform with a strong architecture, integrating the third party. With Drupal, you will get more from what you have asked for. Confirming to their technical and business requirements, not the other way around.


And now if you are keen to get your website developed with such a big and growing community, no need to switch to other options, Auxesis Infotech is all in to fill your needs that regard by giving out the best services.

Why your website should be on Drupal, One of the most powerful CMS
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